How to Balance Your Marriage and Career

Your career is a very important aspect of your life because you eat from what you can make from your career. If you have no career, it is means that you are not doing any work and thus you will not make any money and there will be no food for your family. However, your career does not define your marriage and life. Given the importance of career in our life, there is the tendency for some people to devote too much time to their career to the extent that they have no time for their spouses and family members. This attitude can be very destructive to marriage. On the other side of the pole, there are some people that give too much attention to their marriage and little to their career. Such individuals do not grow fast or they grow slowly in their career. Given this, it is very important for you to be able to strike a balance between your career and your marriage. The tips given below will be of help to you.

Discuss your career and marriage with your partner

The basic stepping stone to managing your career and your marriage is to discuss both with your partner. Let your spouse know about your career, the nature and how you plan to grow in your career. Find out from him or her what she thinks about that. Then discuss what your expectations from each other. However, your expectations as well as his or hers should be a realistic one. Write down your long and short term goals as well as your priorities in life.

Sharing of responsibility

Now that your spouse has known about your career and your future plan on how to grow in it, the next thing to do is to share responsibility and family workload with him or her to the extent your career your allows. It is very important that you get into the life and activities of the family no matter how little time you spend in it. You can start by planning the budget together. Making out a day to shop together what the family will require for the month. Do not leave everything for your partner. In this way, you will get involved in the life of the family. 

Don't allow your work to interrupt your family activities

It is not good to bring your career into your family. Tackle every work issue in the office and when you are back home, you are back home. You should not bring your career into your family or continue your office work in the family. The time when you are at home should be entirely for family issues. However, this does not mean that you should not share your work experience with your spouse. You can share your work experience with your partner but the sharing should be part of family life. Not allowing your work to interfere in your family simply means not to extend your work time to your family. For example, it is bad to start reading office documents and going through files during dinner at home or when you should be with your partner in the bedroom or living room. It is also not good for work to interrupt in your sexual relationship with your partner. As a rule of the thumb, don't allow your work to control your life at home.

Have time for fun with your family

You should also make out time to have fun with your family. Make out time to be with your children. Chat with them, help them to do their school homework and take them out. 

The above are some of the tips you should apply in order to manage your career effectively with your married life.

Perfume Application Guidelines

Cologne or perfume is one of the major fashion accessories many fashionistas apply today in order to enhance their look and smell great. If you buy a quality a cologne or perfume and apply it, you will definitely smell good throughout the day. However, there are guidelines to follow if you want to get the best from it. Many people may think that by squirting numerous drops on their shirt or body, they will smell great throughout the day. This is actually not the case. Even though, you will smell good but the scent of the perfume will remain longer on your body if you keep to the perfume rules and regulation. Here are some perfume guidelines to abide by when you want to apply perfume.

Apply few drops

Many people make the mistakes of squirting too many drops of perfume on their body anytime they want to apply their perfume. They think that by apply many drops, they will smell good throughout the day. But indeed, they are wasting their perfume and may even end irritating others. If you have a quality perfume, you only need to squirt a few drop in order to keep smelling good throughout the day. You may not perceive the scent after some time because of nose fatigue but you will keep receiving compliments from your friends. But if you squirt too many drops, you waste your perfume and the scent may become stronger and more overpowering. This can make it annoying to some people.

Don't squirt your perfume on a dirt body

It is better to apply the perfume after taking a shower. It is not good to apply your perfume as a means of masking bad odor from your body. If you do that, you will end up smelling bad because the mixture of bad and sweet fragrance can make somebody to be sea-sick or feel like vomiting. So, always take your shower before applying your perfume so that there will not be any mixture of bad odor.

Squirt at the right parts

There are some parts of the body that you should squirt your perfume and some parts that you should not squirt your perfume on. Some people squirt on armpits and other parts that produce sweat more. But these are not the right part to apply the perfume. If you want to apply your perfume, the right parts to apply them are on your pulse points, earlobe, chest region and shoulder. It is not even the best to apply it on your shirt because it can stain it. Avoid any contact with open wounds or the eyes because perfumes are meant for external use.

Apply the right type for the right weather and occasion

There are perfumes for different occasions and weather and so before you apply a perfume or cologne make sure that it suits the weather and occasion you are using it for.

If you stick to the above rules, you will get the best from your cologne.

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