There is no end to being romantic. It is one thing that everyone in a relationship whether marital or not, must continue to seek to improve. Someone once asked in an open discussion: why must one be romantic? The response to this question will provide a big relief for some people while it will provide a safe landing for some other relationship that is on the verge of cracking and crashing due to the absence of proper romance. As someone puts it; romance is great in any relationship. Being romantic is the live wire of that relationship. The most fascinating thing is that no individual in a relationship will ever object to romance.


The reason why your partner is in dire need of romance

As it is stated before, no single individual will ever reject romance in any relationship. Therefore romance must be taken with every sense of proper seriously. Romance is the ultimate. It provides a biological sensation that passes a non vocal message to your partner. And the message is such that it will be registered in the memory of your partner till eternity. This sensation in question is highly and usually not resistible. But instead, more of it will be demanded. It may not too matter whatever may be on going in your relationship, an action of romance will automatically call for a corresponding reaction from your partner. Whether you initiate the romantic gestures or not, what is certain is that you expect a positive romantic reaction from your partner, QED.


One funny thing in this romantic games or gestures when you initiate it is that, as you keep on with it; your partner will grab the romantic fire, keep it burning and take over! It will be surprising how the romantic game will change hands. The more you give out in romance, the more you receive and the sweeter, lovely and stronger your relationship will be.

Bring her a little closer.

Your romantic strategies can make your partner fall in love anew severally without any possibility of getting up again. These romantic strategies range from seduction to subtle flirting; including open and perpetual declaration of love. One sure banker you must note is that for every romantic gesture or strategy you take; make her aware of the great joy that oozes out of your heart, with eye contact and genuiness of heart. Let your partner know you derive great joy in seeing her excited every moment especially when your partner is around you. These and many more lovely words you must be acquainted with. All these words will reverberate in your partner’s brain and stick there. You will then become his or her though even when you are not together for a while.

Generally, romance is a tool in a relationship that automatically opens the door to more opportunities. By this opportunity I mean: getting closer or better intimacy, stronger love, security, more trust etc. Therefore, make good and full use of romance. It works!