Love him or hate him, you can’t get him out of your system. Then why not practice some words of appreciation for the boss? You start your day by greeting him and interacting with him, your boss, the inevasible part of your calling and life’s work.  A boss can be snappish, edgy or easy going; he might be the preferred or the despised one amongst his peers. He might be the one known for his mercurial behavior, but, the point is, he is the one who runs the show. At times, the discipline he demands, the targets he sets for you, the workload bottlenecks that arise because of the overload he puts on you, makes job looks difficult and the boss seems to be a tyrant. But; I’m sure every time you achieve the insurmountable tasks; it definitely makes you utter words of appreciation for the boss.


Your boss makes you gain a lot of qualities despite his being the type of the person he is.  At such times the qualities of the boss become apparent and you can’t help but to acknowledge his genius and individuality.


Benefits Of Expressing Words Of Appreciation For The Boss

You get appreciation by giving it. Not only does it makes the receiving person feel great it also charges the atmosphere with positivity bringing out cooperation and increased productivity as by-products.


How To Select The Words Of Appreciation For The Boss

To utter words of appreciation for your boss you have to first understand and know your boss without being prejudiced. Take off the tainted glasses. Forget the grape wine and water cooler moments and with a clear mind look at what your qualities your boss posses. Words of appreciation for the boss will always work wonders and it would in turn work multitudes of wonders for you if the appreciation is sincere and credible. The more specific you are the more effective your words of appreciation for the boss will be.


What Might Be The Words Of Appreciation For The Boss?


His Success and Wise Decisions: What can be better words of appreciation for your boss, than those that convey to him that his colleagues and staff are fascinated by his success story and the way he has steered his career. If you respect and look up at the wise decisions he takes for the growth of the company, this might act as one of the best ways for appreciating your boss. Letting him know that the milestones he has achieved in his career so far, act as a big motivational factor for you will surely create a positive bent in the professional relationship between you and him. Also be specific and vociferous about the fact that his successful career instills a lot of security and confidence amongst his staff members. Their belief in his abilities and in him as a boss is strengthened to a great extent by his achievements.


His Vision for the Company: You joined the company because it looked like the one which would help you propel your career in the direction sought by you. The company and its success is a representation of your boss’s vision, his ambition, his dream and hard work. Focus on the success achieved by the company. This might be the best way of appreciating the boss as the centre point of an entrepreneur’s existence is the company’s growth and success. Let him know that you feel grateful for the amazing and tremendous experience you are gaining under his superiority and look forward to continue growing with the company.


His approach towards your Goals and Targets, security and Stability: Not only does a suave professional focuses on the growth of the company but also gives utmost importance to the goals, targets, security and the stability of his workforce. Thank him if he is a great boss who takes care of his employee’s needs and concerns. A good boss gains favoritism of his employees if he is a great leader, an efficient manager and a considerate mentor. Let him know how much you value and truly appreciate the confidence he shows in you and the way he supports you. Appreciate the opportunities he provides you by way of goals and targets and thank him for the intangibles you gain by working for him.


His judgments, team management skills: To select words of appreciation for your boss, focus on his leadership qualities and management skills. Just let him know how much you appreciate his leadership qualities and his ability to get things done. You can bring it forward to him that his approach towards administration comes as an inspiration to his staff. It is because of his strength and leadership that the company stands where it is. Be audible about how much the team values the experience of working with him, how many things are learned because of his ingenuity and how he instills confidence and self-esteem amongst his subordinates.


His disciplined attitude: The discipline and the systematic way of work he forces on his staff and the quality and finesse of the work he demands from them might sometime takes its toll.  But look at the benefits they derive from those demanding situations. The career growth, the personality enhancements, the focus and the rise it gives to their vision and capabilities, all come as a side effect of his perfectionist approach. If you care to elaborate more, tell your boss how he helps you to stretch your working limits and your abilities.


His ability to strike a fine balance between familiarity and authority: He may seem aloof at times; at times, the closest of buddies – encouraging you to share even your problems and worries. He might confuse you at times, but this splendid management trait always gets him to put you in the right working mood when you go astray or enliven up your spirits when you go wary and bored. This extraordinary quality is the one which makes him the boss and keep his staff well within their precincts.


Why not be a bit vocal about this alluring quality he displays which makes him the successful boss, demanding and extracting the optimum performance out of his staff members, at times willingly at times with grudges and at times with mutual efforts. Don’t you think that this demeanor of his, knowingly or unknowingly makes you too display the same positive leadership and management skills by demanding the same amount of work from the staff underneath you. This surely makes you a good boss too.



Remember to strike when the iron is hot

I’m sure if you pick up these as the words of appreciation for your boss, diplomatically and interestingly, at the right time and right mood, your boss would certainly notice your presence of mind and this will bring a friendly but wry smile on his lips, surely easing out the employee – boss relationship to quite an extent.



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