Wimbledon, the most famous tennis competition brings a lot of fame pride and money for the participants and more so the winner of the tournament. The competition has been held in the old England club found in London ever since its inception in 1877. By 1877 we could hardly hear of any tournament in any field of sport hence Wimbledon’s year of inception makes it to be one of the oldest tournaments in the world.

The tournament usually starts in June of every year and it starts with very ambitious players, each striving hard to eliminate his opponent so as to get to the world class categories. In the past years, the icon of this game has been Roger Federer who has been able to win virtually everything in the lawn tennis field of sport. It is the dream of any tennis player to win this tournament at least once in their lifetime.


The official name of tennis is lawn tennis. Wimbledon is therefore the only tournament to retain the traditional status of the game as the game is still played on lawn in this tournament. The dress code is also very strict during this competition as the on court participants are supposed to follow the dress code of the game. All the players are to be in white while the officials, ball boys and ball girls must always be in navy blue-cream color. In addition to the color, ladies are to be in low-cut skirts while the logos used in the dress have to be of a given specific size. It is very difficult to come across a tournament with such uniformity in virtually everything. Such uniformity gives the whole competition a unique theme.

Due to the history the game has and the interest that people have developed for this game makes it very attractive that the attendance is always very overwhelming. It is therefore very important to organize on how the fans will seat. In the Wimbledon tournament, 74 seats at the center court are always preserved for very important persons (VIP). These include heads of state and government among several others.

Main events

There are five major events taking place during the Wimbledon tournaments in any given year. Alongside these are five junior events as well as five invitational events which are in real sense just curtain raisers. The major events which are the greatest centers of attraction are Gentlemen’s doubles & Female’s doubles Gentlemen’s singles as well as Female’s singles and lastly the mixed doubles. 128 players are always lucky to participate on the singles category while sixty four teams are always present to fight it out for the final prize. The singles tournaments are always determined by the best of five sets. This means that if you strive enough to win the first three sets, then the game is over and you are the outright winner. A disabled doubles is also another feature present during Wimbledon as this is organized for the junior doubles.