There are many people that prefer to stay single even till old age. They only think of the ugly side of marriage. But marriage is sweet and gives a lot of benefits. If you examine it from all angles, you will see the reason why getting married rather than remaining single is good. Here are some of the reasons why getting married is better than remaining single.

Marriage elevates your social level

In most cultures and traditions of the world, married people are respected and given a higher social class than other members of the society. If you are not married, you will be looked at as a lower member of the society. So, if you are married, you will acquire a new status which is higher than the level accorded to single or unmarried individuals. 

Marriage a veritable means of making children

The traditionally accepted means of bringing a man and woman together for the purposes of perpetuating the human race or making babies is marriage. If you are married, you can start to establish your own and become a father or a mother. Most religions do not allow single individuals to make babies or have any form of sexual relationship. It is considered a sin in these religion for men and women who are not married to make babies.

Having sexual relationship often

Married people who are sexually active have more sexual relationship than single individual. They are already living together and thus can have carnal knowledge of each other anytime they like. This is unlike married people who can only have sexual relationship when their partners are with them.

You can plan your finance very well

If you are married, you will be surprised that your earnings will increase as you and your partner will be working to provide for the family. Even if any of the couple is not working, the earning of the one working will be better utilized. This is because somebody is there to plan with you. If you are not saving much before, you will begin to start saving because your partner may keep an eye on your.

Your sense of support will increase

When you are married, you will feel more and better supported than when you are not married. There is somebody to talk to or share one's problems and joyful moments with. But people who are not married are alone and there is no person to share their joyful and sorrowful moments.

The above are some of the reasons why you should consider getting married.