Apart from the fact that you are to move all of your office belongings from one place to another, there is one other thing that can make moving your office a stern task. This is the protocols that are associated with the process. These protocols are necessary in the sense that they are what enable you achieve your primary objective of finding, negotiating and landing a new office workspace.


These key stages of this process especially the last two require professional attention which you probably cannot boast of. While you need a property consultant for this project, he or she also needs to work with a property solicitor. They, as a team work to make the deal favour you. The house owner works with his and not having yours can prove a stumbling block for you. While the property consultant is handling the house owner, your property solicitor handles the house owner’s solicitor.


Just like a property consultant, a property solicitor is a professional when it comes to housing. He is the one who makes sure you get access to his or her space in the right way it should be done. He or she will work hand in hand with your property consultant to get you the right office space at the right terms. Below are the following roles he or she would play for you:


  • Handles all negotiations with the house owner’s solicitor

Some people do really think that negotiations when about to rent an apartment is only done with the house owner. Well, the truth is that a property solicitor also works for the house owner, and, in fact, has a very huge influence in the negotiation between the house owner and your consultant. Whatever he or she says during the negotiation must be in accordance with what has been agreed upon with his or her solicitor. Therefore, to beat the house owner, you need to go through his or her solicitor. The most important negotiation that needs to be done here is the terms of the lease. Yes, it is negotiable – if you have a good solicitor. There are other documentations that are also negotiable; it is the work of your property solicitor to handle them and as well, ensure there are no unfair liabilities attached.


  • Finds out the legal implications of the office space chosen

Various kinds of laws cover various kinds of properties in various places and so are the different options you have. In some areas, houses are not allowed to be used as offices especially in residential areas. Conversely, in some other places houses can only be used for offices alone especially in business areas. These are the important finding your property solicitor needs to make about your various available options, brief you about them and issue advice on what he or she thinks will best suit your needs and budget.


  • Ensures that all necessary protocols are observed prior to the lease

Sometimes, people make the mistake of renting apartments without following the due process not because they want to but because they have not the time for that. With a property solicitor working with you, you can facilitate that. He or she will not only let you know the right procedure for everything involved but can go on to do them on your behalf if you let him.


  • Prepares and explains in details the terms of the lease and its requirements

Anyone can go through the terms of a lease but only few people can understand it talk more of interpreting it. For people who do not know how, it is the work of the property solicitor to prepare a detailed report of the terms of a lease and explain it to his or her client.


Moving your office means renting a new home for your business. It can be likened to renting a new apartment for your family and is not only stressful but time-consuming. In such condition, coupled with the pressure from not being business-active due to the move, you can a lot of mistakes. With the right professionals to guide you, you are sure to cross the Rubicon like it was never there.