Why Some People Are Not Lucky

It is said that our Luck is written in Heaven and we are here in this world to live through it. The straight and most common answer of Guru’s when you ask them Why some people are lucky and others are not? is that if you try hard luck would favor you. I agree completely to the point but On contrary I have seen cases where even if people try much harder than every other person, still they don’t get what they have set themselves for. Look around yourself and you would definitely find at least one person who is not lucky at all. Things just don’t happen for them and they find themselves to be living life with almost zero push of luck.


These people may constitute maybe five to ten percent but I strongly believe they do exist. Luck varies from person to person and I myself is on lighter side. Yes, it is a pain to find yourself in with zero luck on things that really matter. So I thought to dwell more in this subject and see if there is any ray of hope for people who are not lucky. There is no point in trying your luck when you know it will not rock for you. But then it should not discourage you at all to try for things which really matter in your life.

Why Some People Are Not Lucky


So If you are among those people who are not lucky and need to minimize the heartbreak then read through. I have tried to classified it in 4 area and somewhere you would definitely find an answer if you are not lucky recently.


1) Luck Put on Test– Gambling, Cards, Poker, jackpot etc. are areas where luck is put on test by many people. You might have heard about people who got lucky but somehow luck never worked for you. Yes, there are definitely one percent of people who might have won but for rest of us all it is the same story. Beginner Luck play sometimes but that is just once or twice. So if you think you are among those people who are not lucky then probably these things are not for you. Most of people burn their fingers and you are no different. You are cannot be categorized in some people but among most of people.


2) Increase Timeframe Before You Blame The Luck– I worked hard to join construction business but I could not get through. I tried hard to make mark in sales but I failed miserably. Finally I settled for services and it worked for me. I got success. All through I was blaming my luck for repeated failures but was that true? What if I would have joined construction and after 3 years I would have failed. What if I have spent 5 years in sales and would have got no success. Was Luck working against me or it was working for me. The point is that the moment you fail you never know if this is for your good or bad. It can be good for people who got succeeded but it may not be good for you.  Maybe destiny is making luck play the game to get your logic right and give some nice experience.


The important point is that before you say you are unlucky do give benefit of doubt to time. Yes, there is a pain and dreams gets shattered but then you never know. People do rise and the luck who has never favored them, take them to the top.


3) Good Times Go Unnoticed- When we have the good time in life we never think of all bad things especially Luck. It is the time when luck is in your favor and you would not even notice it. Everything works for you and you would think it to be natural. It is bad time when we start to blame Luck and feel that we are just not lucky. So, all that is required is a fair assessment before we can come and blame luck.


4) Hard Work Does Matter– Leave it to luck and nothing would happen. Leave it to hard work then it may or may not happen. Do more hard work and there are chances that it would happen. It work for most of us and we need to be clear about it. Hard work put in right manner with right attitude does produce results. It is basic minimum requirement to get lucky. If you are not lucky then hard work is your only chance. You need to earn things if not win them.



While I started this article with the premise that some people are indeed not lucky- I hope above points would definitely remove your perception of being Unlucky. It is easy to say that luck plays vital role behind successful people till the time you see the hard work that was put behind the success. Being at right place at right time matter but how many people squeeze the opportunity presented. It is easy to blame luck but difficult to work hard. End result is that we take the easy route of blaming. There are things which are part of our destiny and there are things which we have to earn. Luck act as facilitator but got blamed everytime bad things happen. It is time not to blame you luck and remove the false belief of why some people are not lucky.  We cannot change destiny but we can change our luck through hard work. Work Hard, Rock Hard, and Play Right.


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  1. This is the best article about Luck I have ever seen and believe me I have seen many.

    Simple and to the point while showing different kinds of luck. I always suck at gambling like in video games where you can win extra lives luck is never in my favor and if it is it’s a fluke.

    9/10 I will lose so I try to avoid those the best I can. It’s not my destiny.

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