The greatest influence to the nature of a relationship between a man and a woman is sacrifice. Men take the burden of making most of the sacrifices for the women to feel happy. Take this away from any relationship and see it crumbles in no time. Women only wish to be treated like queens while men on their own part only wish for the women to acknowledge their superiority and their total dependence on them. For this reason, women get practically all they want from men by letting them assume the number one position.


The Supreme Being has designed it in such a way that it is a wife that submits to the husband, assuming the role of a second-in-command in the immediate family. However, this does not change the undisputable fact that it is the woman who has the greater influence to every relationship. A wife may submit to her husband probably because of the fact that she has her marriage vows to keep before thinking of exploiting whatever advantage she has on her husband. Nevertheless, there are still exceptions to this.


The sentimental attachment of men to women in a relationship is extremely startling that practically all men fall for it. Right from puberty, men tend to make over 90% of their decision based on the wishes of the XX chromosome bearers. Virtually everything they do is to please the females. The clothes they will wear; the food they will eat; the time they will sleep; the time they will come and the time they will go all depends on the wants a woman somewhere. 


If strength were to be the natural gift from the Creator to men, then that of the women is this sentimental advantage. If it weren’t, how would you describe a boy of 14 years old who at the expense of his joining his male mates for recreation at school, opt to help a girl copy her notes? This is a masculine addiction even the little ones cannot deny having.


A man can reschedule a very important appointment, probably with a business tycoon for the making of a lucrative deal just for the purpose of saying hello to a woman; a man can go to his office in a taxi just because his wife wants to go shopping in the car; a male student can spend a whole day working on the field all because it was a joint punishment given to him and a female school mate by the school authority. Men tend to do anything just to please the opposite sex.


A woman’s love people do say is stronger and more real than that of a man. This might be considering the fact that men virtually cannot resist thinking about them. They always feel on top of the world when they known some woman somewhere appreciates the effort they make to please them. Deep within men, their greatest achievement lies in making a woman appreciate the fact that they have them to count on. This, though, they might not concede but that is the truth.  For this reason, men will never cease to shower their love on women.