Yes, Men do lie. And if you are wondering Why Men lie then there can be plenty of reasons for it. Every human being is different but he is bound in boundaries by various relationships. One of such relation is the one he has with you. It is this binding thread that makes lie a part of your relationship. Emotions makes human beings do lot of things and a plain lie is just a part of it. The extent can vary from person to person but somewhere a lie always remains hidden. Some people are open about it while there are others who are very secretive too.


We all claim our ownership on life of others without realizing that the same people have a life of their own too. They have been brought up a certain way, they have lived a certain way and suddenly one phase of life demands different things from them. It is in one of such phase called relationship that men start to lie. It is not that they cannot tell the truth but every truth has a cost associated with it. How costly you make the truth for him decides the lie that he will tell you. You will get to know more about them when you read the reasons and answer to question Why Men Lie


1)     Its In Their Nature- Not only men, it is nature of human beings. Their prompt response is a lie and most of times it is harmless. The response gets built up over a period of time. Their mind gets attuned to specific answers because of variety of reasons. So nature of one of reasons on why men lie.

2)     To Avoid Being Probed- We human beings hate to be questioned or probed. So if you have a habit of probing or questioning then chances is that your man maybe telling a lie to escape that discussion. The more you nag over petty stuff, the more is the probability that you will hear a lie from your man.

3)     It Is Much Easier To Tell A Lie- Yes, another great reason why men lie is that it is much easier to tell a lie than talk about truth. Lie is normally an acceptable answer and the one that does not prompt any follow-up, fights, or discussion. So if you believe you just heard good loving response then chances are it is a lie to keep you happy.

4)     They Don’t Want To Lose You- Everyone makes mistakes and so are men. The intensity of mistake varies and it takes courage to admit it. One of big reasons why men lie is that they are scared of losing you. They love you, they want you but somehow a mistake has been committed by them. The fear of losing makes them tell a lie.

5)     You Don’t Understand Them- Every individual is different and is driven by different emotions and aspirations. So if he loves music and you don’t, he loves to go out with friends while you hate that; there are chances that he may lie with you. There is personal self in everyone. Men love something and they hate something and if you focus hard to control or depress that emotion then chances are your man may tell a lie to you.

6)     Avoid Suspicion- Do you start to suspect at the flick of the moment. The suspicion generally leads to a trail of actions that may upset any individual. More the person actions get scrutinized, the more the person feel suffocated. If your present situation is that of suspicion then chances are your man is telling a lie to avoid your behavior.

7)     Its None Of Your Business- You may want to know everything about his colleagues, his work, and who he meets and interact with. Every action of his prompts a question from your end. Such behavior normally forces men to lie because they cannot straight away refuse to answer you.

8)     You Can’t Handle- It is one of great reason Why Men Lie. There are some truths which men believe you cannot handle. Things are fine the way they are and there is no need to disturb the equilibrium. So it is possible that he may lie to avoid giving any trouble, tension to you. This can be related to work, money or anything that are important to human life.

9)     They Have Broken A Promise- Promises are meant to be broken and infact it is foolishness to bound someone by promises. The voice should come from heart and the words should have a value. So, another reason why men lie is because you have bound them by promises rather than through reasoning.

10)Avoid Argument- Who wants an argument. If love can prevail why one should allow an argument to happen. So, if love prevails between you two and less arguments happen then chances are that just to keep you happy and avoid argument he may be telling you a lie.

11)For Fun- Men love to give surprises. It is important to let them do that and wait for things to happen. So if something fishy is happening then have some patience, maybe a good surprise is on your way.

12)They Love You So Much- Lastly, Your man may lie because he loves you so much. They love you so much that they cannot see you sad, angry or baffled. They want to keep you happy and in good spirits. They don’t want things that have potential to spoil your mood.

To err is human and to lie is a way for men to escape the consequences attached to it. Most of the time men lie because they don’t want to disturb their normal life and create complications. The best way to counter this habit is to be more understanding and by giving them freedom. Afterall if they love you, no matter where they go, they would always come back to you.



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Why Men Lie

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