Marriage is strong instrument for social order. Here are some of the reasons why marriage is very important for social order. 

It enhances your health and lifespan 

It has been discovered through research that there is a relationship between happy marriage and good health as well longevity. If you have a happy marriage, you will live longer. As it makes life less stressful, it will enhance your general well being and quality of life.

It will improve your psychological wellbeing 

Married people as experience and research has shown are less depressed than unmarried people. They rate of schizophrenia is lower than those of unmarried people.

Marriage brings happiness

Married people are found to be happier than unmarried people. However, this is only true of people that married their match or marry the right person. If you make the wrong choice, you will end up becoming sad or having broken marriage. So, if want to reap this fruit of marriage, try to choose the right partner.

Married people have low rate of alcohol and drug abuse

A lot researches show that people who are married have less tendency to abuse drug and alcohol. They are also less likely going to indulge risky behavior. The reason for this is quite obvious. They have more responsibility to their wives and familiars and that feelings and sense of responsibility makes them to refrain from such behavior.

You will be supported

Studies have also proved that married people have more built-in support than unmarried people. In times of adversity or during troubled times, their partners will provide them the required support. Besides, they have their feeling that they will get the support from them.