Why Is He Ignoring Me

When the cry comes out from your heart and when you are unable to figure out “Why is he ignoring me?” it drives you so crazy that you wish you too could‘ve done the same thing; Ignore him

If he’s ignoring you and attempting to dump you at any point in the relationship, you feel so hurt that even you want to give him back the same, dump him.

But in reality, when he ignores you, what happens is that you want him all the more. You just can’t bear the fact that he’s ignoring you. Reason for this is the beautiful moments of the past when he’d showered you with love, affection and attention which now when you see going out of reach, you want to hold on to them tightly. You cling on to those memories, and his ignoring you makes you feel as if those moments are slipping from your hands, so you feel hurt, angry and low. “Why is he ignoring me”, this question becomes the reason of your existence and you make endless approaches to get his attention. But still things don’t turn in your favour and he keeps ignoring you, you start feeling helpless.

All you do is just keep wondering “Why is he ignoring me? “. And when you don’t get the answers to this you decide to accept the fact that the relationship has gone sour, draw yourself up to yourself, try to accept your loneliness, still thinking all the while where it went wrong and why is he ignoring you?.  It looks so difficult to get him out of your mind, so very difficult. You look for the place where you’ll go to get rid of that empty feeling or try to engage yourself in some other activity which will take your mind off him.  To ease yourself out of that heart ache you do some of those things which you were doing before you met him, so that things get easier for you and when you were happy even when he was not in your life.

In due course of time, the hopes to be with him again begin to fade out and you get going with the some routine of yours, although with a heavy heart.

This goes on for a couple of days, might be months, when suddenly, he calls you up again. Now, this may not happen in all the cases but in most of them it does. In other cases, it might happen that you find another beautiful relationship happening. Whatever the case be, when it happens you just can’t let it go. It’s like lost prayers answered. You immediately jump out. You feel as if your world has become rosy again, and you again want to do anything to make him happy, this time to keep him glued to you. Hey woman! Go slow, take care here. Hold yourself. Don’t do things to go in the loop again of that unbearable heart ache.

Wait, just evaluate the scene from the start, let’s know the reason why he had ignored you and let us understand what you should do now to not make him ignore you again.

Reason one for his ignoring you might be that he is wishing to get off you because he might be finding you too very pressurising and unreasonable.

Are you so much in love with him that you had made him your centre?

When this happens you tend to concentrate so much on him that he starts feeling suffocated. You make two grave mistakes here. Firstly, you might be not giving him enough scope and space to breathe.  Secondly, because of concentrating solely on him, you start neglecting yourself.

 When a man loves a woman, he singles her out amongst many due to something about her which attracts him. It is often not the looks alone, it is the whole personality. When you neglect yourself you start losing on the nuances of your personality which distinguished you in his eyes and drew him to you.

Your clinging too much on him might make him gasp out for breath and your diminishing personality starts diminishing the attraction in the relationship too and he might start ignoring you.

Reason two for his ignoring you might be that he’s in another relationship.

One of the most hurtful reasons would be his getting attracted to some other woman seriously and ignoring you for her. If this is the reason there remains less chances to get him back, but still the possibility of his returning back to you might not be ruled out as he had been once in love with you.

If you can somehow manage to bring back that lost attraction in you, again by taking care to make yourself desirable, and in case things don’t go as expected between him and the other woman, then he might stop ignoring you and find your company worthwhile again.

Reason three for his ignoring you might be that he’s feeling ignored and unattended.

Sometimes this might be the reason too; you might take his love so much for granted and forget that love needs tending and caring to keep it blossoming. As too much of water and manure will make a plant rot or too little of it would make it undernourished and dry, the same is with relationships. If you don’t keep the balance, it will lose its glamour and he might start ignoring you.

Reason four for his ignoring you might be that he is in some grave unexplainable situation.

It might be that some business pressure or some other problem related to his parents, siblings or any of the close friends is troubling him and taking a toll on him.

In this case the problem might not really be with you, but still you’ll have to handle the situation very carefully and systematically.

You’ll have to understand the reason of his ignoring you and give him his space to come over it. Your natural reaction to this might be complaining or delving deep into what is troubling him, but if you don’t crib during these times and handle this carefully then you will help him to get over the problem faster and come back to you.


What to do so that he comes back to you? Whatever might be the reason of his ignoring you, the solution is only one. You have to take steps towards bettering yourself. You have to take care of you, as an individual.

Looking at the scene depicted above, if we’ll muse over why he was ignoring you and what brought him back, or what made another beautiful relationship happen, we understand that he started ignoring you because you lost that attraction in you which brought him closer. When all the hopes of gaining him back were given up you again tried to take care of yourself, which made you desirable again

What’s happened here is that when you took yourself seriously you found men too taking you seriously. When you strove to be happy you ended up making others happy too. When you had valued yourself as a person, it had made you attractive to radiate confidence and making you desirable.

Moreover, whenever you concentrate on yourself the man gets space in the relationship. He feels drawn to you. When you are not over present he craves for your presence and can’t think of ignoring you.

This is what makes him not to ignore you and draws couples close to each other.


Picture- Fedele Marco

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  1. Thanks. mY b0yfrend jerome juss kicked me outta his apartment. i finnah b happy dat i read dis. dhanks yall for helpin me wit my cultural relationship problems

  2. i havnt talkd to my bf in 16 days. he told my friend his fone is screwd up… yet he can call and txt her but not me? i get he livs in california, but rely! he shuld b honest if he doesnt lyk me anymore. id rather b friends than nothing. ive known him for 12 years… and hes one of my best friends…

  3. Even other women says the solution lies in changing yourself! Maybe the solution is to get a man, not a boy and make sure you're treated right in future! This whole article sounds like it was written by a man with the aim to make women do all the hard work so they can sit back and remain a manipulative children.

    Nearly ALL men ignore women, it is not our problem. It is thiers. Its caled commitment phobia.

  4. thanks so much.. this will help me a whole lot.
    i’ve been struggling for a while and after reading it, it all makes perfect sense.
    i’ll try taking care of myself once more. :)

  5. I loved him. I did everything for him. He never appreciated a thing. So ima ignore him,see how helikes it

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