Love is a feeling which gives you immense pleasure. In every relationship that you share, love plays an important role. No relationship can move forward if there is no love. Whether they are friends or couples or brother sister, all share the feeling of love. Love is considered to be a bond which keeps them together and in touch. You might have heard lots of stories about love and love hurting so much. You must be wondering that if love is considered as heavenly feeling then why does love hurts so much. The stories that love never dies are very true in today’s life also. Still there are people who believe in the concept of love and falling in love. Love is definitely a feeling that brings happiness and cheerfulness to one’s life and then how it can be hurting to anyone. The question why does love hurt so much is really difficult to answer.


One might have come across several cases when people were cheated or someone left them. These cases really make one feel that love is hurting and they find answer to the question why does love hurt so much. The other cases are of the unconvinced love too. Therefore, it can be said that love is a feeling in which you have both the emotions of happiness as well as pain. But the most crucial question is why does love hurts so much.


Other Important Things in Life

All the people have different perceptions about why does love hurt so much. According to people, it is said that whenever a feeling of love comes, there are several other things which come at the same time. Therefore, what happens is that priority is given to other things due to which love becomes comes at the secondary position. This is the reason people always think that love is hurting. Sometimes it happens that most of the feelings that you have are never spoken to anybody due to which they are left like that. But sometimes even if you speak up, you tend to get wrong indications about love. Thus, the overall conclusion that is received is that love may be true in some cases while it may not be true in some other cases.


Mixed Gestures

As everything has both positive and the negative qualities, similar is the case with love. Love is a feeling in which there is passion, jealousy, peace and many other feelings together. When you love someone so madly then it usually happens that even the slightest thing about that person will hurt you and you will become sad. Though that thing may not be so important but suddenly it will become so important that it can hurt you to a great extent. Therefore, people say why does love hurts so much because of the pain that it gives.


Views of People

Different people have different views regarding why does love hurt so much. But it all depends upon the person’s thinking whether they believe in love or not. For the people who are in love or have been in love, find it very nice while the others who haven’t experienced this feeling think that it is just wastage of time and nothing more than that. So, it depends upon you how you perceive and what you think.

In any relationship, love is very important but due to the pain, most of the people are not able to hold it back. What actually happens is that you are not able to control the feelings but at the same time there are other things which come into your mind. Falling in love and experiencing the emotions and then going apart is what that hurts the people very much. This leads the people to ask why does love hurt so much and blame love for all the issue. Though you don’t want to lose the person whom you love, but the circumstances are such that you have no other way and you change the path on which you were walking till now. Thus, love is nothing but a mixed feeling where you will get happiness and pain both. It is sure that you will surely find a loving person in your life that will change and transform your life into a beautiful dream.



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