You have discovered that your spouse is having an affair with another person. Definitely, when you first heard of it, you will be very unhappy especially if you have been making serious effort to be faithful to him or her. An affair can be very painful because it is an act of betrayal. In your pain, you would want to fight it out with him or her. You want to expose him or her even to the entire world. Yes, you will do yourself great good by exposing an affair. However, are you going to expose it immediately you hear of it? Are there factors to be considered? These are some of the issues to be considered here.

Exposing an affair immediately 

Exposing an affair immediately depends on how you find out. If you are only suspecting that your husband or wife is having an affair, you don't have to expose that immediately. You should first of all snoop around in order to find out whether what you are suspecting is the truth. This is because you may not right. Your suspense may be wrong because at the level of suspense nothing is correct until proven right. So, snoop around him or her in order to find out the truth of your suspense. Experience has shown that some people have wrongly accused their partners of having an affair because they were not patient enough to verify their suspense. 

If you are told of the affairs by another person, you should not act immediately. You have to also verify the affair. This is because the person that told you of your spouse's affair may only be suspecting and has no evidence to prove his or her suspense. Besides, as evident in experience, it might be a planned act to cause problem in your marriage. You cannot tell the intention of the person that discloses the private life of your partner. Even if the person is your closest friend, it is advisable that you take time to find out whether he is right or wrong.

Factors to take consideration before exposing an affair

Now that you are sure that your partner is having an affair, it is time to expose him or her but there are some factors to take into consideration before doing that. Here are some of them.

Does your spouse abuse you?

If your spouse physically abuses you and he or she is having an affair, before you expose the affair, you have make plans of separation. Secondly, don't expose the affair when you are alone with him or her. You should invite his or her family members as well as friends. If people are around, he will not abuse you when you reveal his affair to him.

Consider your economic predicament

Many people react to exposure of affair in different ways. Some people may react to exposure by calling for separation while some people react by pleading for forgiveness. If you are not sure whether your spouse will plead for forgiveness or call for separation and you are financially dependent on him or her, it is not good to expose the affair immediately. You have to first all look for job or plan how to live without him or her. When you have a good plan of surviving without him, you can expose the affair now.