Human beings are born without any tooth. As the grow outside the womb, the teeth gradually begin to develop. In fact, in some cultures it is a taboo or an omen for a child to be born with teeth. The truth is that nature does not make it that way. One has to develop teeth outside the womb. Given this, talks about taking a baby to dentist are rarely discussed and at best overlook by some people. The question is, does a mother have to weight for her baby to develop all the milky teeth before taking the baby to a dentist? When is the right time to take a baby to the dentist? Or when does a baby start having dental problems? 

Regarding whether to take your baby to a dentist or the right time to do so, it is your doctor that will help you determine that. Your baby's doctor will examine him or her to determine the possibility of any future dental problems and then will advise you accordingly. However, it is advisable that you take your baby to a dentist after the first primary teeth develops or before her first birthday. If the child will have any dental problem, the dentist will be able to find out on time. There are a number of conditions that will make your child to develop dental problems in the future. Injury, developmental problems, disease and infection can cause a baby to have dental problem. 

However, you don't have to wait till after six months before seeing a dentist. If you notice any abnormal growth around the dental region you should immediately take the baby to a dentist. If the child starts developing teeth earlier than usual or if the child has developed teeth in the womb or is born with some teeth, you should visit a dentist to find out if the growth is normal or abnormal and if it is abnormal what is to be done in order to salvage the situation. Early visit to a dentist will help to forestall occurrence of future dental problem.

But it is not enough to visit a dentist, you have to ensure that you visit the right dentist and that is a pediatric dentist. It is not every dentist will be able to handle children's dental problems or cases. Just as there are children's doctor, pediatricians, there are also dentists for children – pediatrician dentists. So, you should ensure that the dentist you are taking your child to has the necessary expertise and experience to handle your baby. Visit to a dentist can be frightening not just to children but to adults. But you can reduce the child's fear by taking the child to a professionals trained to handle children's dental problems. 

Points to consider when choosing a dentist for baby

  • When you are choosing a dentist for your baby, there are some important questions to ask:
  • What is the experience of the dentist with children?
  • Is the dental clinic specifically meant for children?
  • Does the dental clinic have any special program for children?
  • Does the clinic have tools and dental equipment for children?
  • Is the dentist good at putting children at ease?

The answer to the above questions and some of the other questions will determine whether the dentist is the right option for or not.