When you are going for an a job interview, it is important that you go along with the important things and leave what is not important. But the problem many job seekers have is to determine what they should go with and what they should not go with. There are things to go along with and things not to go along with. It is important that you get the necessary things ready and put then in your brief case or any bag you are taking with you. Before packing you bag with the necessary items, you have to check the interview invite you got in order to find out necessary items that you are expected to come. Some interviewers indicate in their interview invite what the invitee should come with. But in case nothing is indicated, you don't have to go empty handed thinking that nothing will be required. Below are the necessary things to go with whether stipulated in your interview invite.

  • Your certificates: it is very important that you go with the copies of your certificates especially those you included in your curriculum vitae. Some employers do request for that. There are some that include it in the list of things to come with. Whether your employer requested for them or not, it will be to your advantage if you go with it. If it is not required, you still does not lose anything. But you will regret it if you don't go with them and the interviewers or your employers request for them. So, to avoid any regret, go with your certificates.
  • CV: Just as your certificates are very important, your CV is also important. It is a brief summary of who you are, your experience and what you can offer. The interviewer may not have any before them and may request for a copy from you. In order not to tell them that you did not come with any CV, it is better that you go with copies or at least a copy of your CV.
  • Identity card: It is advisable that you go with your ID card especially if the interview will take place in a venue that has security personnel at the gate or if your prospective employer is owns a big company. You may be required to complete a job application there and your ID may be required for that.
  • Writing material: Interview is normally an oral affair. But sometimes, some employers may decide to give the applicants written exams to take either before or after the oral interview. Besides, it does not speak good of you, if you do have a pen and a notepad with you when you are going for an interview. Imagine how your employer will see you if you are asked to fill out a paperwork during an interview and you begin looking around to see if you can borrow a pen from somebody around.
  • Search for information about your employer and write your findings out: This is also important because your employer/interviewer may decide to find out how well you know about the company and its management.

Go with your portfolio: One way through which you show your interviewer the stuff you are made with is through your portfolio. A job portfolio should contain everything you are required to come along with to an interview well arranged and organized.