Do you really need to include all you pairs of trousers in your holiday luggage? What and what do you really need for a holiday trip? These are some of the crucial questions every holidaymaker should ask themselves when they are packing their luggage. Indeed, you will avoid a lot of hassle if you go with only the necessary items. Going with few items is also cost effective. But it does not mean that you should leave essential things behind. It simply means going only with items that you must use every day. Those that you use occasionally are not necessary. Here are the items that you should not include in your holiday package.

Holiday reading

Some people like reading novels and other books during their free time. Reading is a good means of passing your free time. It is not a bad idea to go with few books. However, you can always save some spaces by going with only one book. When you finish reading the book, you can exchange with another traveler. If there are public libraries in the place you are traveling to, there is no need to go with any book. You can make use of the library within the few days you will stay in the place.


Toiletries are among the travel essentials. So, you should go with your toiletries. However, there is no need going with toiletries that you will come back with and still use it for some weeks after your return. Just take several bottles that will last for the period of your holiday. If you are sure that you can find the products you are using in the place you are traveling to, it is advisable that you go with enough quantity that you can use for two or three days before buying more from the place. Buying the toiletries and other essentials there also will provide you with opportunity of doing shopping in the place and exploring the place more.

Food items

Remember that you are going on holiday. Even though you may like to prepare your own food, but you may consider dining out. This is because it is an opportunity for you to taste the culinary specialty of the place you visited. Holiday period is normally opportunity to experience other people’s cultures including their cuisine. However, if you are allergic to many foods or you are on diet or sensitive with what you eat, you can go with only food items that you cannot find in the place.


It is not good to travel with your valuables like certificates. Though, the hotel adverts may make a lot of claims and promise you wonderful security, it is possible to lose your valuable in the hotel or airport. If it is not safe leaving them in your home while you are away, you can keep them in rented facility with good security.


These are highly necessary but you will only need few pages. So, there is no need going with the book. You can photocopy useful pages or make use of your e reader.


If you are staying in a standard hotel, you should not bother going with your towel because most hotels provide new towels for their guests.