Everything on earth has rules. If you must survive, it is important that you obey the rules governing things. Relationship also has a rule. If you are into a relationship, you have to play by the rule for your relationship to be strong and last longer. There are certain things that you should not do when you are into a relationship. If you do them, you are pissing off your woman or stepping on her toes.  Here are some of the don’ts that you should avoid when you are in a relationship.

Don’t lie to your partner

It is very bad to lie to your partner. Some lie in order to protect their ego. Lying is against healthy relationship. This is because if you lie to her and it happens that she finally discovers the truth, you are betraying your trust. She will find it difficult to trust you or believe in you again. Trust is one virtue that is highly valued in relationship. It is very difficult to build and when it is broken, you may not build it back again. This is why you should not lie to your partner in order not to betray your trust otherwise she will see you like every other man.

Compare her with other women

Everybody is unique in everything. Your woman is not another woman and don’t expect her to behave like other woman. So, you should avoid comparing her with another person. She may not be a perfect person but that does not mean that you should start comparing her with another person. If you want her to behave in a certain manner or treat you in a certain way, then you should discuss it with her in a polite manner but not to start comparing her with another woman. Women generally don’t like such comparison.

Don’t be too possessive

Some men are extremely possessive. Though it is good to own up your woman to show that you care and value her, but it is not good to be too possessive as men do. Being over possessive will make you to become angry and jealous of her male friends. Some men even quarrel and fight any other man they see talking with their women. This is not good. You should not be the only person that she should be relating with. There are always levels of relationship. Your relationship with her may be at the highest level but there are other people she relates with at a secondary level.

Don’t be too obsessive on top or over her

It is important that you allow your woman some space. Women generally value being given space.

Don’t break your promise

Always make good of your promise. Don’t promise and break it. This will make her to see you as a cunning man. You should make effort to fulfil all your promises to her. It is better not promise anything than to promise without fulfilling it.

Don’t exaggerate your compliments

You should be real in complimenting her. For example, don’t tell her that her attire is perfect when it is not.

Don’t neglect her

If you neglect her or abandon her, you are likely going to lose her because she may fall into the hand of somebody that may not neglect her.