When I was a kid, I never could comprehend what my mother used to say about being a female. She believed that women are more unfortunate than men for reasons best known to her (as at then). On my part, I always was of the view that being a man is a heavy burden and becoming a successful man was a further more Herculean task. This though might be true but that’s not the issue at the moment. 


It was not until I grew up that I found out the reason behind my mother’s controversial belief. The few advantages women have over men in certain facets of life are not enough to serve as a comfort to them because of the same reason. The power of women in relationships is not an exception to this but, in fact the most significant example. This power, according to some of my love doctor friends, has some deficiencies that go with it for the women and that, exactly is the problem here.


What are the deficiencies?

One very vital quality the power a woman has over her man do not seem to have is longevity. The power a woman has over her man in every relationship does not tend to last long. A woman can only exercise…. May be, I should rather say “is only privileged to exercise” her power between the ages of 15 to 40 or 45 as the case may be. At this point men, automatically regain most, if not all of the powers they lost to their sentimental attachment to them. Here is how this happens, according to a well-known consultant in the world of relationships, Shantel Smith:-


Whenever a man emotionally charged, his brain looses its energy, co-ordination ability and its defences to his reproductive system. According to experts in human anatomy, during such moment, blood from the cranial region flows down to the pelvic region and heads for the small head. At this point, a woman can take full advantage of this as the man’s manhood now functions as the brain and vice versa.


The above keeps happening to a man until a certain point when a woman gets older and consequently looses her sexual attraction. She can no longer activate a man’s libido like before. This makes the woman less valuable to the man and will definitely reflect on who becomes in charge of a relationship. This can even happen in the case of a married couple. Apart from the period when a woman is still bearing and nursing her children, this is another time when women who married cheaters for husbands can’t prevent them from finding infatuation somewhere else.


When a woman looses her power in a relationship, it becomes more or less a living hell for her and can never change until something changes. In fact, there is just little more for her to enjoy out of the relationship if she do not have her power intact. Most wise women would take a walk and some brave ones will opt to fight for their place in the man’s heart but that’s rubbish. For me, it is medicine after death.