In my previous post I talked about scenario where your mind gets disturbed if you indulge in gossiping or a hatred campaign against your co-workers. You do it at your own cost and suffer all way through. However the scenario can change wherein you can find that people are talking bad about you. This can happen in your office, home, club etc. I have seen people who get disturbed by this and sometimes lose their cool too.

I share a different perspective just because each individual is different and have a different mindset. You have a control on your thoughts but it is impossible to control thought of other people. You may be doing best thing for some person but in turn the same person might think you are robbing him of an opportunity. Examples are numerous and so are the reactions. This is a free world and everyone has their own opinion for other people. While some people become bold enough to talk about it, there are others who may never express their feeling in any forum.

If this is happening to you then it can have various connotations attached to it, like,
1) It can relate to your behavior- You don’t talk politely with your juniors
2) You might posses something which other people envy- Your sexy motorbike can be the cause of envy
3) You have abilities which other people don’t posses- You are excellent orator and are considered for all opportunities.
4) Luck favors you more than others- You won that latest lottery or a competition.
5) Something happened which might relate to you- Someone blaming you for some incident

There can be other reasons too but prime one fit into the above five. While there is no specific way in which you can handle all those but the best advice has always been to ignore them. If it’s difficult for you to ignore than at least don’t get worried about that to the point that it start affecting you. You need to keep your mind clear.



You can control your mind but even if your try hard to control those of others than you are fighting a lost battle. Just like you think bad or different about something others have the ability to do same. This should not at any point deter you from doing something which you think is good or enjoying something which you deserve.

Behavior is one aspect which generally comes under question but if you have a positive personality than you should not think much about this too. You cannot please everyone and you don’t need to do this at all. You need to live your own life and in your own way. All you need is an attitude of love all and with no intentions to hurt anyone. The more you think why someone is thinking in a different way the more you will feel bad. You might want to correct someone but it’s of no use. It always better to remove misunderstanding but for that it is important that the problem should come to you rather than you go and hunt for it. At same time it is important that you take the first step and remove misunderstanding of your loved one’s because they are your best critic. But here criticism is bit different from what someone might talk about you at your back or in forum in your absence.

It is said that it is lonely at top and mostly successful people experience this. The same is valid for almost all people even for small things of importance. The best option is always the one which is followed by everyone and it is to remain focused on your goal and don’t think about what others have to say. Jealousy is a big thing holding a lot of meaning in itself and I have seen people suffering in their own lives because of it. You don’t have to care if someone is jealous of you because it is their own problem. The more one indulge in such behavior the more problems one creates for his own growth. Our thoughts have the ability to shape up in a way we want them to be. Thinking bad about someone or thinking why someone thinks badly about you is something which should not be in your mind at all. You need to be strong and need to be above all such things in your lives. These are ingredients for success and help you shape your personality.

Through all these posts I am making an attempt to first clear your mind of all the things which have potential to affect your thoughts in a bad way and then train them in a manner it gives you the best results. The biggest growth is the growth of positive thoughts in your mind which have positive influences not only inside your body but for things outside it too.

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