In the past, a lot of people out there spent time in commercial gym working out themselves in order to stay fit and leave an active life. But today, it is no longer the case. Owing to the emphasis on regular exercise as a means of fighting overweight and a number of medical illness, many people are beginning to build their home gym and equip them with different kinds of machine to enable them to work out themselves during their free time or when they are free. Having a home gym is also a veritable means of cutting cost. Different types of exercise of machines have been introduced in the market. One of the types of exercise machines that you will find in most home gyms as well as commercial gym is elliptical machine. When it is time for you to buy an exercise machine, you should consider buying an elliptical machine.

However, before you enter any market to buy an elliptical machine, it is important that you know about elliptical machine. This is because elliptical machine is not just one machine but it is a household name for various kinds of exercise machine each having its unique features.

What is elliptical machine?

Generally, an elliptical machine is any type of stationery exercise machine that simulates certain aerobic or cardiovascular activities such as walking, running, biking, stair climbing and similar activities. Users of elliptical machines obtain cardiovascular benefits when they use their machines. The exercise machines are used for training both the upper and lower body. However, there are some that can only be used in training the lower body. The upper and lower parts of elliptical machines are capable of making rotary machines. Elliptical machines come with pedal at the lower part. The user stands on the pedal and pushes it. As he pushes it, he trains the lower parts of the body. The user also holds on the handles which can make rotatory movement. As he moves the handles in circular motion, the upper part of the body, the chest, shoulder and other bones in the trunk.

Types of elliptical machine

But it is not every type of elliptical machine that can exercise the upper body. Those that can be used to exercise both the upper body and lower body are called cross trainers.   There is another type of elliptical machine specifically meant for the exercise of the lower body. It is called elliptical trainer. The pedal makes circular up and down motion. As the users push the pedal while keeping hold to the immovable handle, he will get the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. The third type of elliptical machine is known as the elliptical gliders. It looks much like elliptical trainer and it serves the same purpose with elliptical trainer. The major difference is that the pedal moves up and down but not in circular motion. As it moves up and down, the hip extension, glutes and knee are exercised.

There are different brands of each type of elliptical machines. As normal in life, some brands have more improved features and better quality.