If you have a boat, you should think of buying boat insurance to cover your boat against various types of risk. Even when you are one of those that despite how people take pleasure in sailing on a boat and it is the last thing on your mind, sure you will definitely enjoy sailing seafaring or cruising if you give it a trial. With the calibre of water bodies and beaches in many places, sailing on a boat becomes more interesting and worth-doing. In the midst of all these, there seem to be one thing peculiar to the ownership of a boat. It has to be insured before it can be seen on any of the water bodies.


Before you ever think of sailing with your boat in any water, it is extremely essential to get it insured no matter where you are living or the location you are sailing with it. But there seem to be a difference in the way this is done here. Due to some cogent reasons, you may be subjected to the following if you own an insured boat in places like Florida:-

  • As an area prone to hurricane, boat owners are usually required to move their boats elsewhere outside Florida during hurricane season so as to vindicate it from the wrath of the impending disaster.
  • For fear of theft, owners are required by carriers to be full-time residents of the state. This they believe will keep the boat owners close to their boats so as to rescue them from the hurricane damage and theft.
  • Considering the difference in hazardousness, sail boat owners are usually given credit since they tend to be safer when compared to the speed boats.
  • Owners of catamarans find it difficult to get an insurance policy. This is due to the fact that to right a capsized catamaran is a sterner task than a sail boat.
  • A separate windstorm deductive is usually attached by carriers when issuing a policy. This is because in some cases the insured boat is damaged by windstorm.
  • Carriers usually require an emergency auxiliary motor when rating a sail boat.
  • The rate of corruption in southern Florida is very intense. As a result, boat insurance in the area is more exorbitant. This is for the carriers to cover for the risks the insured properties are exposed to.
  • There is always an age minimum of 20 years for most insurers.
  • Sometimes insurance companies reduce the value as well the length of the boat they want to insure in order to guide against shock.

All these terms and conditions make boat insurance in Florida different but the fact still remains that it is necessary and therefore must be considered before the happening of the unexpected.