October 16th celebrated as the Boss day, the day every boss deserves to be honoured and acknowledged for his accomplishments. Every boss deserves a praiseworthy Boss day card, mentioning his or her rare reviews, the specialities that set him or her apart and the unique ways of getting the best performance from you. Your boss day card should be a cut above the rest. And to make it so, one question that will be hovering on your mind would be “What to write on the boss day card?”


Whether you decide to send a group card on the Boss day or an individualised and a personalised card depends definitely on the rapport you share with him. It also depends on the level of proximity and the comfort level you have with your boss. “What to write on the boss day card?” will also come after considering your boss’s personality and inane nature and also his sense of humour.


Your boss might be a person possessing immeasurable qualities and magnitude of merits. Some lines based on some great qualities possessed by many bosses are listed below. Pick up the one which suits your boss the best and elaborate it or customise it to get a great boss day card message. You can address the boss as “Dear Sir” or by name, depending on the hierarchy and the trend the office follows.


The Matter Could Be As Follows:


 “One exceptional quality of yours is the ability to get out the best from others. The well chalked out expectations you have from your team members gets each member know his strength and expand their limits.”


“You are a plethora / mine of energy. Your effortless and tireless way of efficiently handling things at various levels is something that is envied and looked up by everyone.”


“You have that exceptional way of appreciating the team’s efforts; timely and honestly.  Your quality to share the credits for jobs done well and also the strength to accept the blame for the team’s low performance makes you a mentor for us.”


“No one has the wondrous quality of understanding like you do. You can read us like a book and have such realistic and humane responses when we face problem in the work environment. Your way of handling obstacles with a professional finesse is unmatched.”


 “What makes you the best and the favourite amongst us is that you are all ears to novel ideas and new ways to do things.”


Apart from the above stated line that you can write on the boss day card, you can draft some of your own based on the qualities of your boss.  If you are gifted with the skill of tactfully putting your point across, then you can even get the best message for the boss by handling it aptly and wittily. You will be able to pen some magnificent boss day card messages if you evaluate the following:


·        Achievements of your boss,

·        His leadership traits and characteristics,

·        The job satisfaction you derive by working under him.


Below are listed some more qualities of good bosses which can be highlighted on a boss day card:

Most bosses have a great sense of humour and they just don’t mind keeping the environment light and comfortable around in the office. They do not display that very serious attitude for the chores to be performed but still manage to get out the easily and comfortably. This exceptional quality can be suitably pointed out and might be well deserved on the boss’s day card. Some of them even have that very rare quality to remember what it's like to be one amongst the crowd even when they are successful and hold a dignified position.


Some great bosses are magnanimous enough to look at situations and things from the employee’s perspective. Many of them are extremely successful because they make people soar higher by making them feel smart and brilliant. They listen to you, understand you, trim up your mistakes and shortcomings and transform you into a gem of a person, you yourself become proud of.

Another quality which good bosses with great leadership skills posses is that they mingle perfectly well their friendly attitude and kind disposition with professional distance. They keep themselves well informed with each team member’s efforts. They never let a single member feel underappreciated and unworthy. They know how to get the work from the team effortlessly, without being over pressurising and without making the subordinates uncomfortable.


Your boss day card should bring out the best of your boss’s qualities, packed with subtle and apt humour to make him smile and set the right impression of your individuality. The contents of the boss day card should be well thought of and properly placed as the one in question is the boss, one with whom you would not like to take chances or spoil the show.




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