Christmas season is fast approaching. It is celebrated globally. Apart from the entertainment and merriment aspect of it, it is a great period when people show their loved ones how they loved them not just by words of the mouth but with some concrete gifts. If you have a girlfriend, as you are preparing for merriment and various Christmas occasions, remember to buy a tangible gifts for her. Here are some of the awesome gifts that you should consider buying her.

925 Sterling Silver cubic Zirconia Stud Earring

If you are looking for affordable but nice-looking earring created professionally  with quality material and that will bring out the femininity of your woman, you should go for this earring. It is a 2 carat earring made from 925 nickel free sterling silver. Each bead has a ball size of 6.5 mm and 1 carat weight. Definitely, the earring will make a perfect addition to your girlfriend collection of earrings.


Gift for weight watcher

Quirky V2 portion measuring spoon

If your girlfriend is a weight washer, she will definitely appreciate any gift that will help her to achieve her fitness goal. With Quirky V2 portion measuring spoon, she will be able to control her portion. A set of Quirky V2 portion measuring spoon comes with two size spoons made from food-safe plastic material. The spoons' bowls are marked with tablespoon, teaspoon and half-teaspoon measurement to enable users to get the exact measurement they want. The plastic handle is strong enough to hold about 1/4 cup of dry or weight ingredient. Quirky V2 portion measuring spoon will also make a perfect gift for a girl who does not like wasting food or who likes baking.

Comfort Food Fix: Feel Good Favorites Made Healthy

This is a healthy cookbook written by Ellie Krieger. It contains various 150 healthy delicious recipes which will help any weight watcher to achieve her objectives through healthy nutrition. Recipes for such delicious dishes like chicken potpie, lasagna, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, crab cakes and others are contained in the book. The recipes do not contain saturated fats and will not lead to increase in calories intake. It is a 304 paged cookbook that every weight watcher will be delighted to have. Give it to her and wait for her warmth kiss.

FusionBrand Foodpod

This product will make an excellent gift for any girl that cares much about her weight and what she eats. FusionBrand footpad is made for quick boiling, steaming and blanching of foods shellfish, vegetables, eggs and other. It comes with an easy-to-grip handle to prevent burning of hand. The food is put in the 1.75 quart foodpod and place in water to cook. 


Gift for yogi

Blooming Lotus 

If the woman in your life is a yogi, blooming lotus (sterling) could make a perfect gift for her during this coming Christmas. Definitely, you may wonder the connection between this necklace and yoga. The connection lies in symbolism attached to lotus which grows in muddy water. Its growth is a symbol of a new beginning and the progress the soul is making to obtain enlightenment from sunshine. Lolite which is dubbed water sapphire activates the third eye improving wisdom, intuition and visualization. It also inspires creativity and engender free expression regardless of the other's opinion. You can now see why the blooming lotus will make a perfect gift for your girlfriend during this Christmas.

Yogitoes Sky Taffy rSkidless towel

This is one item that every yogi lady will like to have. This yogi tool is made from recycled plastic material. It is available in a number of styles and colors. With it your girlfriend will add a little pop to her yoga session. It is meant to be placed on the yoga mat to give it more padding and also to guide against sliding during yoga session. 

Sivan health and Fitness NBR Comfort Foam Yoga Mat

Yoga mat is a must have for every yogi. So, it will not be out of place if you get this highly rated yoga mat for your yogi girlfriend. The mat is 71-inch long and 1/2 -inch thick. With the mat, your girlfriend will be able to perform various kinds of yogi, stretching, pilots and other toning workouts without fear of sliding. With it, she will maintain a perfect grip with the floor's surface. It offers protection to knees and joints. It is not just durable but also easy-to-clean.

Downward-Facing Death

This is a series of yoga detective novels written by Neal Pollack who is an author and also a yogi. The series will make a perfect gift for your girl especially if she likes reading. As she reads the story of guru Ajoy Chaterjee, she will learn various yogi poses and how to do them. It is novel that every serious yogi will like to have in order to enlarge her yogi experience.

Gift for movie lover

Does your girl loves a romantic film? If yes, you should consider buying her Lover/L'Amant. The movie tells the story of the romance between an older Asian man, Tony Leung and French schoolgirl, Jane March. Difference in age, race and class does not stop these lovers from expressing their emotion for each other. But the French colonial vietnamese society becomes an obstacle for the lovers to surmount. Were they able to prevail over this obstacle? Get this film for your girl and she will happily tell you the rest of the story.

Sony MDRZX100/BLK ZX Series Stereo Headphone

Give this product to your girl friend if she likes watching movies. It comes with a 47 1/4 inches cord. With it, she can watch her favorites movies and get every word from it without distracting any person siting around her. She can connect it to her laptop, mobile devices or even DVD player. It plays the sound very well without making any noise.

Coby TF-DVD1029

This is a portable DVD/CD/MP3 player of 10.2 inches. It makes a suitable gift for movie and music lovers. It comes with a rechargeable battery which can last for some time. It can also be connected easily to a TV. With it, your girlfriend will be able to watch her favorite movie at anytime and even while on the go. The set is compatible with anit-skip circuitry and comes with interesting features.