The internet is one inventions of the 20th century that are highly welcomed and embraced by many people across the globe. There is nothing that cannot be done via the internet today. Despite the convenience and all the benefits the internet brought, it also brought about a new means of committing crime. Cyber crime is a new terminology referring to crime committed over the internet. Many people have been duped over the internet. There are a lot of criminal activities and money laundering done over the internet today. So, if you are shopping or making use of the internet for one thing or the other over the internet, it is important that you be wary of cyber crime. There are ways through which you can avoid internet fraud. Here are tips for avoiding internet crime.

Know the person you are dealing with

Whatever you are doing over the internet whether you are shopping, filling a form or registering for anything, it is advisable that you know the offline address of the business, person or institution you are dealing with. With improvement in mobile and internet technologies, it is very difficult to know the location of your caller. Criminal can easily hide their identity when calling people they want to prey on. So, know the offline address of the people you are dealing. Also take time to research about the company. Read their reviews to find out what people who have used the site before are saying about them.

Know that sending cash and wiring money are similar

If you are doing anything online, you should very careful especially when it comes to sending money. You should not avoid wiring money to sellers or service providers insisting on wire transfer, stranger and any person claiming to be your relative or family member. It is impossible to reverse any money wire transfer transaction or trace the money. So, if you wire money, it is like giving cash to a person. Once the transfer is approved, the money has left your account and will not be returned unless the receiver refund you.

Read your account statements on monthly basis

Most people do not check their monthly balances to see f there are transaction and debits authorized by them. If you are transacting via the internet, you should be assessing your account statements on monthly basis. Internet fraud start can obtain information of your account even without you knowing and then use the information to commit crime in your name. It is also possible for them to run up charges in your account illegally. Some unreliable sellers and service providers online do bill their clients for certain services without their approval. If you are billed for monthly membership, newsletters and the likes, then you have to contact your bank, creditor or card issuer.

Give to only popular and established charities

There are many charities today. But they are not the same in their reliability. Some charities especially newly established ones are simply fraudulent. They create websites and ask for donations from people especially after a disaster just to enrich themselves.

Buy from licensed sellers

In internet transaction, you only assess product from its photos and description given by the seller as well from the reviews. But you are not seeing the product. It may not actually as exactly as it is described. It may be a knocked off product. The best way to avoid that is to buy from a licensed sellers and sellers registers with professional organization.

Be wary of low risk high return online investment

Stay away from low risk high return online investment opportunity. You may come across impressive ads about such investments. You should stay away from such investment opportunities. In most cases, they are fraudulent. If you want to give it a trial, start with small amount of money.

With the above tips, you will avoid internet crime.