Ovation hair therapy is designed for both men and women, I will dwell so much on women because they are the most concerned when it comes to hair loss related issues. Some of the reasons behind hair loss include poor diet, hormonal imbalance and changes, poor hair care, reactions to some medication, some medical conditions, scalp conditions and vitamin deficiency just to mention a few. There are those who experience hair loss through heredity. It is keen noting that ovation hair therapy cannot solve the hair loss problems brought about by genetic transfer from parent to offspring.

Ovation is a product used for hair therapy and reduces the rate of hair loss by accelerating the rate of hair growth. Ovation hair therapy is a three step program designed to use some specific products to combat hair loss. One cycle of the therapy goes for around three months and you can always repeat cycles for better results.

Although each of the products used in ovation hair therapy be used separately, the company usually advises that you use the all the products for the three steps concurrently. The first step in the cycle involves hydration by the use of a hydrating shampoo and an ovation color therapy shampoo. The work of the shampoo in ovation hair therapy is to nourish the hair and at the same time remove toxins from the hair, follicles and the scalp. You can either apply the shampoo on a wet or dry hair or after washing, ensure that you thoroughly rinse with lots of water before using the ovation cell therapy. It is also of great value to ensure that the shampoo forms lather on your hair. If it doesn’t, rinse your hair and reapply the shampoo. The shampoo used for ovation hair therapy has a coconut smell and your hair will retain this nice smell.

Next in line is the ovation cell therapy which should not be confused with ovation hair therapy. While ovation cell therapy only deals with solving the problem from the cellular level, the ovation hair therapy is holistic. However, the ovation cell therapy is the most important in the whole process. It rejuvenates and reconnects the hair strands to the proteins responsible for hair growth. A wide tooth comb is used to thoroughly rub the ovation cell therapy on to your scalp. Rinse the ovation cell therapy with water after the recommended time. The best results will not be realized if any of the products in the three steps mix on your scalp. In fact, when the chemicals mix, the ovation hair therapy can be a real nightmare to you.

Lastly we have the ovation crème rinse. This is also of great importance in the ovation hair therapy since it prevents the hair from breakage whenever you are styling up by softening the hair. From the three steps above, it is important to note that even though the second step in the ovation hair therapy is the most important of all, none can be looked down upon and it is important to use the products in both steps so as to achieve the best results.