If you are using the internet for any reason, there are some don't that you should abide by if you don't want to be a victim of internet fraud. Here are some of the don'ts to take note of.

Do transfer money to any person you cannot trust or you don't know

the internet is a virtual world. You may have a video chats or chat with somebody through IMs. These methods of communication are not the same with physical world. There is still that physical limitation. Given this, you still have to be very careful when sending money to any person via the internet. You don't have to send money to any business you are not sure of their reliability. In you're into online love, then you should be careful with. You don't have to flirt with your money. Unless losing your money does not mean anything to you otherwise, you don't have to send money to any person. If you paying for your order online, it is advisable that you make use of a means that provides you protection. 

If you have found a good deal but the site and its product are not popular or you are not familiar with them, you should consider doing an online research about the company. You can also post comments on online forum about the company. If it is fraud, you may be luck to get a feedback from a forum member warning you about the company. Don't make any payment simply because you are promise a big return afterwards.

Don't accept checks via the internet

Checks can be cloned by fraud stars and it can be difficult for them to be discover just by mere observation. It can only be discovered in the bank and it may take days to discover such check. So, if you accept checks sent through the internet and it happens to be a fake check, you have lost your money. Even if the bank have credited the receiver, you have no case to make as it is your responsibility to verify your check and make sure that they are from reliable source.

Delete or ignore messages that ask for your financial or personal information

You can receive a message from unknown person either through email, instant messaging or text messages. Don't reply the image. Before you reply any message, make sure that you know the sender. If you are asked in the message to click on a link that comes with the message for detail information, it is advisable that you ignore such message. The something is applicable if you are asked to call a number that comes with a text message you receive. These sender of this message is trying to lure you into revealing your account details or personal information. So, ignore such a message.

Don't play a foreign lottery

Most often you get spam messages or even text messages in your phone that you have won a lottery or you about winning huge amount, it remains just a step to complete it. Ignore that message because if you reply it, you will be asked to pay taxes or certain amount of money in order to redeem the prize. If you ignorantly pay the tax, your money will go and nothing will be released to you.

The above are some of the things you should avoid if you are transacting online.