There are different types of makers and brands of perfumes and colognes today and each maker has a lot of products in the market. It is actually difficult to tell which  product is the best just from the sweet fragrance. Almost all perfumes in the maker has a nice fragrance. If you are making your choice base on fragrance, it will be difficult for you to choose the product. There are other factors that are usually considered when it comes to perfume. These factors are the reasons why perfumes differ. Before you shop for your perfume, it is advisable that you know much about these factors. Read on to know more about these factors.

  • Notes: Many people do not know that the perfume they wear are made from different ingredients. These ingredients work together to give a perfume its fragrance. You might have come across the term notes when you want to shop for a perfume. The notes refer to the various types of ingredients used in creating a perfume which together contribute to the scent of the perfume. Every perfume has three types of notes, namely, the top note, the mid note and the base note. If you squirt your perfume and smell it immediately for 5 minutes, you will be able to perceive these different notes. The top note refers to the first scent you will perceive. It is made with a different ingredients from the rest of the notes. The second scent that you will perceive is known as the mid note and it has its unique note. The last scent that you will perceive is called the base note and it has its unique ingredient. The top note does not last longer. The mid note does not last longer also but it lasts more than the top note. The last note is the most enduring.
  • The strength of a perfume: The longevity of a cologne refers to how long the scent of a perfume will remain on your body without dissipating. The scent of some perfume dissipate easily than others. This is because their have low longevity. Perfumes with longevity are of great quality. There are some perfumes whose saint can last up to 8 hours or even more than a day. If you squirt few drops on your body, you will continue to smell good until you come back from work. Each type of perfume like eau de toilette, eau de parfume has different longevity because they are made with different kinds of oil.
  • The projection of a perfume: You might also have heard about the projection of a cologne. If you do not understand the meaning, it is nothing but the extent the scent or sweet fragrance of the perfume travels, that is, how far will be away from somebody in order for the person to perceive the scent of your perfume. 
  • The longevity of a perfume: This refers to how long a perfume will last before it will expire. Some products can last up to a year or more while some has low longevity.