Ever wondered what makes a great boss, the one who is most admired and sought after. No one is ever perfect and no one is ever expected to be. However there is something about great bosses that make them click with almost everybody in their team. People don’t work for companies, they work for their bosses. If the Boss is not the one with right capabilities then all you have is a team of highly unsatisfied individuals. Sometimes people need someone to bring out the best in them and this someone is none other than Boss in any particular job. Great Boss creates great teams that produce exceptional returns.


In Mystic Madness I have talked a lot about the relationship that employee and boss share. This post specifically talks of 10 qualities the mixture of which produces a great Boss. Yes, you cannot expect your Boss to have them all but an appropriate mix is good enough to make a great team. Through all these years these are the qualities that I have liked in my bosses and their bosses and also when I had took up this position on personal basis. It is definitely not easy to be a great boss because you have a team of diverse individuals that needs to be looked after. What makes a great boss is the ability to get the best from different individuals and growing together in natural and wholesome manner.


Lets discuss this quality and see what we miss


1) Leadership– First and foremost quality that makes a great boss is that he should be a great leader. Most of people are generally followers and look upon someone to lead them through success. Boss is the person who is expected to fill this position and lead the team through growth and success. It is important for boss to lead and get the best out of his team by providing them an environment which is conducive to excellence.


2) Vision– Though highly misunderstood, this quality is must for any Boss in order to lead the team and show them the path forward. Different jobs encounter different types of vision, but having one for self and for the team provides a peep into future that is must for growth of the team. A visionary knows what can be expected in future and molds the work keeping in mind the things that have the potential to shape future.


3) Mentor– Team always looks upon someone who can mentor them and help them with their problems and difficult situations. The job of the mentor is to analyze the situation and suggest a path that always leads towards better solutions. This is the only reason that many companies have officially started to recognize this position and have appointed respectable people to help employees with their problems.


4) Communication– It is very important for a Boss to know what to communicate, when to communicate, and how to communicate. Be it a bad news or good news, it is important for Boss to know the intricacies and nuances and deliver it in a manner that desired impact gets percolated. What Boss talks hold a lot of weight and hence it is important to be very selective about the words and phrases one use.


5) Positivity– It is very important for a Boss to look at the positive sides of things. Mistakes happen and they happen for good and the best thing any Boss can do is to create an environment that prompt people to learn from their mistakes. A positive attitude in any situation is very encouraging for the employees too because they are not bound by thoughts and things that take them step back in life.


6) Recognition– It is important factor that makes a great Boss. Giving employees due recognition for their work and a making them feel important and wanted for their contributions are important factors that promote employee satisfaction. Recognition also gives due respect which again is an important aspect in any workplace.


7) Focus – It is important for a Boss to have a great focus not only on job but also on employees too. It is imperative for Boss to understand the diversity and nature of employees and give attention at the individual level. Each individual employee need to be treated in a different manner in order to help them produce the best of results. It is the Boss only that can make it happen directly or by providing a great environment.


8) Trustworthy– It is important for employees to trust their bosses. If there is no trust, it is very difficult for other things to blossom and come into full force.  People generally need someone in which they can confide and the person who can be best in these situations is always a boss. It is a critical position and hence needs to be handled with due care too.


9) Experienced– Personally I feel it is important for Boss to be experienced and hands on with the kind of work that gets done in the team. If you are new, then it is important for you to roll up your sleeves and get down to learn things that actually get happen in the team. It is very important factor that gives respect and make team members give their unquestionable commitment.


10) Friend– Last but not the least, the factor that answers what makes a great boss is that, if possible, he should be your friend too. Though there would be a delicate balance in this relationship but friendship in some form is important to get the best out of your team. At any time is important that both boss and team members should not take others for granted but at same time a friendship is a bonding that helps team succeed in a natural manner.


It is important for the boss to understand the responsibility and how different lives are dependent on him for their growth, peace, and success. What makes a great boss is all about qualities that each one of us want to see in a great person. Being a Boss brings on is an onus to posses these qualities or arm ourselves with them in due time so that exceptional results can be produced.



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What Makes A Great Boss

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