Socially healthy means a person’s interests that relates to his behaviour with other individuals, how other individuals behave with him and how he co-operates with social institutions and society. Although the definition of socially healthy is very broad – it deals with some points of individuality and social skills, exposes social norms and assumes a close relationship with perceptions like social functioning and social adjustments. Mutual social support can also be seen as a part of good social health. Socially healthy person has less chances of stress and reduces the chance of getting any disease. Socially healthy person promotes the chances of personal growth.


Positive Influence: Positive influence means you have positive influential bunch of people around you. It is very essential for us to keep our company healthy and intellectual, so that we could learn some things from them and get positive energy from them. Socially healthy people become very choosy in terms of their friends and making new relationships, because they want to maintain themselves as socially healthy. They interact with good people. Socially healthy people have nice family. You can find their environment healthy. They do not waste their time. They keep engage themselves in social activities. They interact with many people, but when it comes to make new relationships and friendship, they become extra careful. So, socially healthy people have positive influence.


Interaction with Individuals: Socially healthy individuals interact with people in a very positive and healthy manner. They neither give the negative vibes nor do they like to take. Their way of talking, their behaviour and everything is full of positive energy. They impress people easily with their influential behaviour. Socially healthy people interact with so many people every day.  And because they interact with so many people everyday, they learn so many things and out of which they follow and grasp the positive vibes from others, and that’s the reason they become socially healthy.


Outgoing Personality: Having an outgoing personality is very essential to become a socially healthy person. Socially healthy individuals usually have influential and impressive outgoing personality. Socially healthy individual talks to people, keeps good relationship with people, and all these things are possible when one would have the quality of being an outgoing. Outgoing persons can adjust easily and happily with others, even when the situation is against them. Opposite to them, socially unhealthy individual does not like much interacting with others. He loves to stay in his own world. Outgoing person likes to go out and behaves finely in any social institution.  


Social Functions: Socially healthy means visiting several social functions sometimes two-three functions in a day. It can be hectic at times. But need to maintain the schedule keeping family and friends too in the mind. Socially healthy individuals take part in the functions and gatherings organized for the cause of social development. They get indulge into social work, fight for social causes, work for social health. They help poor people and fight for their justice. Though there are many kinds of social gatherings, socially healthy people take part in. They not only take part but enjoy it too. They enjoy working for social causes.


Healthy Mind: Socially healthy people have healthy mind. They think well not only about themselves but for others too. And only a healthy mind can give respect to everyone.  They can value each and everything. They know the importance of every individual. However it’s very true that not all people who are having healthy mind are socially healthy.  But here we are discussing the meaning of socially healthy. So, every individual who is socially healthy must have a healthy mind too. And it’s very essential to maintain this thing then only he/she can maintain its status of socially healthy.


Social Networking: Socially healthy is to have good social networking. Remember the fact that there is no end to networking.  Socially healthy means to develop and increase your networking in almost every area. Socially healthy individuals do not scared meeting new people, interacting with new personalities, they enjoy the company of strangers, and they have the ability to learn new things from new people.


Healthy Relationships with others:Socially healthy means having and maintaining healthy relationship with others. Even in differences they do not lose temper. They stay calm even in tough situations. Although, maintaining healthy relationship is not that much easy and a children’s game. Sometimes we need to compromise a lot of times in order to make others happy. And our compromise creates a miracle, we don’t even imagine. The more we give into any relationship, the more we get in return.


Socially healthy refers to overall behaviour. You need to become emotionally healthy, know how to handle stress, how to deal with challenges, have positive attitude, have healthy and intellectual bunch of friends and acquaintances. Last but not the least; very important point is to handle the socially healthy life and relationships. Keep involving yourself in social activities with friends and family or any community. Now a day, social networking websites are great source of interaction with new people with whom you share similar interests and hobbies. In spite of being socially healthy, one should always be ready to heal one’s life.  Think new and improved ways to improve your personality more and more. Learn from your mistakes and be careful next time and choose a better path next time. Choose a positive approach.



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