As people acquire more and more personal belongings, they will have needs for more storage space. Unfortunately, many people are not able to foot the bill of renting or building homes with large space. Self storage has become a more affordable means of storage properties, and items that people cannot keep in their home as a result of lack of space. Nowadays, in many countries, there are facilities that provide storage spaces for people that need them at affordable prices. Many people prefer keeping their items in these facilities because it is cheaper than renting a home with larger spaces. It is called self storage because when you rent a storage space, you have to fill your unit, lock and then access it anytime you like.


The units provided are available in a number of sizes. There are some like the size of a school gym hall. You will also find locker size type. Given the availability of many sizes of storage units in these facilities, you will be able to find a size that will accommodate the item you want to store in it. In this way, you will only pay for as much a space as you will require rather than paying for what you will not use.


How does self storage unit work?

As it was mentioned above, if you rent a self storage unit, you will be allowed to access the items in the unit any time you want. The facility owners will provide you with the key of the unit you rent so that you will be the only person that will have access to it. Each facility has its rule regarding access to the facility. There are some facilities that have regulations regarding when items can be accessed. There are some facilities that allow 24 hour access on 24/7. You will still find facilities that allow access based on arrangement. Whatever the difference that exist, one common thing between them is that you will be given access to the facility.


You can pay for self storage for different durations. There are short term services and long term rent. Some companies accept daily, weekly and monthly payment for the short duration. There are also yearly payment. The flexibility in payment and duration is one advantage that self storage has over other means of renting space. Most storage facilities charge users based on the volume or the space occupied by their items. Value of the items to be stored may also be considered especially in a storage facilities that provide coverage for items.


Types of self storage

Self storage is available in a number of types. They differ in the material used in creating them. There is concrete storage units and also storage unit made from metals. Other materials like plastic can also be used in creating self storage. However, the most common type is metal storage unit. Apart from difference in material used in creating them, they can also different in their features. There are some that are temperature controlled. These types of self storage units are meant for the storage of items that are sensitive to temperature.