Being fit and healthy is our most important need. But, we find many misconceptions among people regarding fitness. Then what does it mean to be physically healthy is the question that needs to be answered. Being physically healthy means not only doing different kinds of activities but it also includes how regular you do those activities and at what intensity you do. In other words, if you say that you go to gym regularly then it does not mean that you are physically healthy. To measure physical health, one needs to know about stamina also. There are multiple elements that shape up human beings and they need to work in tandem to make the person overall physcially fit. Overall health and fitness is made up of 5 elements and they are:

1. Cardio Respiratory Endurance- Cardio respiratory endurance is the combination of respiratory system and circulatory system. In this, both these systems work together and supply necessary fuel required at the time of physical activities such as exercise or any kind of physical task. In order to remain fit and healthy, you need to work on this area. To improve the cardio respiratory endurance, one need to do those exercises which keep the heart rate elevated and sustained for a longer period of time while hard physical activities like swimming, bicycling or running. But remember don’t go for hard and strenuous exercise to improve cardio respiratory endurance. Start with slow activities that you enjoy and then gradually increase your level of strain. By doing this, you will hopefully get an answer of your question what does it means to be physically healthy.


2. Muscular Strength- A body can move without any muscles. Muscular strength is needed to do hard activities. It is the ability of muscles to provide force during physical activities. Working against resistance could be the best way to make your muscles fit and stronger. If you have a desire of strong muscles and healthy body then try exercises such as lifting weights. Even climbing stairs can be a nice exercise to make the muscles stronger. Muscular strength is the ability of the body to work regularly for long time without getting fatigue. Cardio respiratory endurance activities can also be used to improve the muscle endurance. Activities like walking, swimming, bicycling, jogging and dancing of various forms can help you in building strong muscles.


3. Muscular Endurance- It is the ability to keep the body normal even in the abnormal conditions. At the time of heavy exercises such as cardio, jogging, swimming, dancing and walking, our body starts getting tired and fatigue very soon. But, muscular endurance can prevent from this and help in improving the heart rate. It helps to maintain a balance between the heart rate and flow of blood.


4. Body Composition- Body composition is a blend of different elements of body such as muscles, bones, fat and other vital parts of the body. The body weight does not contain only body mass but it also includes muscles, fat, bone, ligaments and tendons. It might be possible that bathroom scale body weight may not change over time but the proportion of all the elements should get balanced. Body composition is very important to know whether the health is fine or not. And it is also important in managing your weight of the body. This point is also helpful in answering the question what does it mean to be physically healthy.

5. Flexibility- Flexibility is the ability of joints to move in all the directions. It is a range of motion around a joint. Flexibility in body is important to remain healthy and fit. Regular exercise makes your body tones and flexible enough. Joints flexibility also prevents injuries throughout the life. There are many exercises which enables body flexibility. Basically, you can go for those work outs which involves stretching of the body joints such as swimming, running and normal bending and stretching.           

So, the answer of the question what does it mean to be physically healthy lies in these 5 points. In order to remain fit and healthy, one needs to have proper diet and should do regular physical activities. Our body is very flexible in adopting. It will behave in the manner we want. So, try to keep it fit and healthy for as long as you can. This will help you in long run and you can enjoy life till your last breadth. Always take special care of your body composition and work in order to maintain it in a good ratio.



Picture- RLHyde

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