If you have ever visited a construction company working with iron or where iron is being welded, you would noticed that the welders are put on helmet. If you look the sparkling of lights that comes from the arc anytime it is struck by the welder, the intensity is too strong to blind the eye. Particles are also flying as the welders are welding iron. They put on helmet in order to protect their faces and eyes from these flying particles and sparkling of light. However, it is not any type of helmet can be used for construction purposes. There are special types of helmet meant for that purpose. These helmets designed for welding is what is known as welding helmet. 

Welding helmet is available in two types, namely, traditional welding helmet and auto darkening welding helmets. The former is the first to be introduced. Its lens or filters do not react to like or are not sensitive to the light condition of the environment under which it is used for. The auto darkening welding helmet is a more mechanized welding helmet which is sensitive to light. When there is light, it darkens to protect the eyes from the UV rays and infrared radiation. But when there is no light, it will become very clear and transparent making it possible for the welder to see through the lens. These types of helmet can also be worn by farmers.

Auto darkening Welding helmet is available in two types based on its power sources. There are some that are powered by solar. These types of helmets come with with solar panel that traps the sun for charging the helmet. It is the most suitable option for welders that are working in open space where there is enough sunlight. But it is not suitable for underground welding or for welding in enclosed environment. 

The second type of auto darkening welding helmet is battery powered welding helmet. It is a type of auto darkening welding helmet that is powered with battery. Some come with lithium ion rechargeable battery while some come with AAA battery. The battery powered types are more suitable for welding in enclosed environment. They can also be used in open environment. However, the problem with it is that when the battery runs out, you will stop work especially if you are welding with rechargeable battery powered type. If you are welding with AAA battery, you have to get spare so that you can replace it when the one in it runs out of charge. AAA battery offers more flexibility even though it has lower runtime. You have to ensure that you have extra batteries if you are working for hours.

There are some types that are powered with by solar and also battery. These ones should be a better investment if you are working under various environments. However, they are more costly than others.

If you are a welder, it is necessary that you wear a welding helmet when you are welding in order to protect your eyes from UV, infrared omission and flying particles.