Your wedding is one of the most special day in your life. Nobody will like such an important day to be on a low profile. However, you can make it more fun and interesting to your bride by bringing it some surprise packages. It will be a thing of joy and the day will remain highly memorable to your bride if you add some surprise packages that will bring extra shimmer of excitement to the event. Here are some of the surprise packages you should consider bringing to your wedding.


Wedding-eve treats

The eve of your wedding day will come with a lot of worries. You will definitely not find out it as you will try to put a finishing touches to your preparation. Besides, a lot of thoughts both positive and negative will be cropping up in your mind. You will be worried if your guest will turn up or if your spouse will be there on time. But as you are going through all these, your spouse is also worried. You can give her an even treat surprise. It does not have so grandiose. Greeting her with an unexpected treat is will be a suitable distraction from the distractions and series of thoughts looming in your mind. You drop a girl pamper parcel for your wife to be in the bathroom filled with face mask, bath bomb and miniature bottle of bubbly.


2. Create your own wedding vows

If you are very good in creating thought provoking and poetic write up, you can create your own wedding vows without letting your wife know about it. The surprise will come when you bring it forward at the alter during the wedding ceremony. However, if you planning on this surprise, you have to ensure that it is accepted by your religious group if you wedding in the church. Some religious groups have written wedding vows that should not be altered otherwise the wedding will be declared none and void. If there is strict compliance to a laid marriage rites and vows in your religious group, then you should think of another thing as you will not be allowed to use your marriage vow.


Inviting an unexpected person

If there is a friend of yours or that of your wife living in distance place who may not be able to come for the wedding due to engagements or reasons of work, you give your partner a surprise by inviting the person and ensuring that the person comes to the wedding. However, this can only be a surprise or make meaning to your wife if she knows person or if you have been telling her about this and she expressed the desire to meet with the person one day.


Hire surprise wedding entertainer

Find out the most favorite entertainer, band or musician for your wife. Without letting her know, you can hire the service of such people. Definitely, such a surprise will make your wife to be happy. The day will be very memorable to her. For example, if you wife is a fan of a popular artist or band, you can hire the artist to perform on your wedding day if you can foot the bill.


Give her a surprise honeymoon package

if your spouse has the impression that you will not be going for any honeymoon or that you will not spending the honey in a place she prefers, you can make it a surprise to her by organizing without her consent some days of honeymoon in the place. It will be a great surprise to her when you let her know of your plan.