Children like playing all the time and most of them read less or concentrate less in their studies unless they are helped or guided by their parents to remain focused. As a parent, you have to help your child to remain focused in his or her studies. There is the tendency for some parents to leave the academic training of their children to the teachers. Though, it is the major responsibility of the teachers to train children academically. But parents also have to come in especially at home to help their children to remain focused. Remember that the teachers are only paid workers. So, their tasks end in the school. Moreover, if your child becomes well trained, it will be to your benefit. Given this, you have to ensure that your child is focused on completing his or her schools. Here are tips to help you make your child to remain focus.


Allow Your Child Some Time to Play or Exercise

As it has been said above, children like playing all the time even when they are supposed to be doing other things. It is their nature and thus you can deny them that completely. Yes, your children should concentrate on his or her school work but everything should not be for studies. You have to first allow him or her to play awhile before making him to settle down. There are different ways you can achieve that. You can get the child involved in house chores or buy him a bike for going to school. Rather than driving him or her back to school, you can walk home with him. This gives him the opportunity to say hi to friends he meets on the way or to explore the environment and see things that he may not be able to see while in the car. Just ensure that your child have sometime to warm up the body before getting down to school work. However, this should not be overdone. It has to be controlled otherwise the child will play all the time.


Turn off the screen, computer games and other mobile applications

When it is time for your child to do his or her home or any serious academic work, you have to ensure that every electronic devices in the house such as the TV, computer, music set and videos games and mobile applications are switched off. If any of these devices is on, there is the tendency that your child will not concentrate in his or her school work. As you know children are easily distracted and attracted by these things. Be around when they are doing their school work to ensure that they do not put on the gadgets in their rooms if there is any. If any person or adult in the family is watching the television or listening to news or music, then the person has to lower the volume. You should also ensure that the child stays far away from the room where the person is watching the TV or listening to music otherwise the child will be distracted.


Make a to-do list

Make a to-do list for your child at home to control his or her activities. Making a to-do list will also help you not to over burden your child with a lot of domestic work or allocate more time to necessary activities.


Avoid conversation when your child is working

Sometimes most parents in their attempt to help their children with their school work end up talking or playing with their children. It is important that you differentiate the study time from the play time. The best way to avoid playing while studying is to avoid any conversation when your child is doing his or her work. If your child wants to talk or say anything, you can signal to him or her to continue working rather than talking. You can only reply to him or her if he asks reasonable question.


Give your child some break

Though your home is not your child's school, but you should understand that there is a limit to how long a child can work without getting distracted. If you child works for 10 to 20 minutes, you have to allow the child sometime to have a little break before he or she will continue. If you keep him working for a long period of time, the child will definitely lose concentration. 


The above are some of the tips you should apply in order to make your child concentrate on his school work.