It is always difficult to avoid stress. This is because most life activities come with stress. As it is said, the world is not a bed of roses. Nothing on earth comes so easy. You have to sweat out your living and the struggle for survival subject us to stress. Unfortunately, stress is a silent killer. Many people have died out of stress. It  makes us susceptible to certain illnesses such as high blood pressure and stroke. However, despite the fact that it is difficult – if not impossible – to avoid stress, one can also manage and control it. Here are some of the tips you can apply in order to manage and control stress.

Know the sources of the stress

As it said in medical parlance, prevention is better than cure. The first step in control stress is to know what stresses you. You get involved in a number of activities throughout the day. But not all these activities subject you to stress while some stress you. The first step in controlling stress is to discover the activities that stress you. You can only find a solution to stress if you know exactly what causes it. You can make changes in your timetable and lifestyle if you know the root cause of your stress.

Managing your time very well

Time management is very important for the management and control of stress. What you do, when and how you do it can either make life more stressful for you or reduce you stress. While planning your time, you should devote more time to those things that give you joy or that you derive joy in doing. Anything that you don't drive joy in doing will eventually become stressful to you. It is also important that you have time for relaxation and exercise in your timetable. Lack of relaxation will increase your stress level. Everything time should not be for work. There should be time for fun and relaxation. Relaxation and exercise helps to reduce stress. During exercise, the body produces stress reducing hormones.

Examine your lifestyle

Your lifestyle and the things you do in life can worsen your stress level. Your lifestyle on itself does not cause any stress but it can make your body not to recover from stress or slows down the body recovery process. Here are some of the things you should do to improve your lifestyle.

Take enough sleep. You should have at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep on daily basis. Not having much time for sleep can affect your health and increase your stress level.

Eat well and avoid unhealthy habits. You should make healthy choices in your diet. Eat enough vegetables and fruits so that you will stay healthy always. If you are healthy, your body will be strong enough to fight diseases. Avoid excess consumption of alcohol and tobacco smoking as they will help to weaken your body.

Make friends and socialize. You need to improve your social relationship. It is very good means of relieving stress. Always make out time to stay and relax with your friends. As you talk and laugh with your friends, you will get relieve from stress.