Water pollution refers to the pollution of both drinkable water and body of waters which include oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. The pollution of water can have terrible consequences. It can cause the death of animals, marine life and human beings. There are a number of factors that can result in water pollution. Some of these causes of water pollution are given below.

Sewage from city sewage system

In most cities across the globe, the sewage systems are channelled into the rivers, oceans and seas. The quantity of sewage that are delivered into the oceans, seas and rivers as well as lakes is huge. The pollute the habitat of marine life resulting in death of thousands of lives in the body of water. It also makes the water unfit for swimming.

Chemical wastes from ships

There are different types of ships for transportation of different kinds of goods. Some ships carry chemicals, oils and the likes. Some of these chemicals are very dangerous and can kill fishes and other aquatic animals. Wildlife in the deserts and parts that drink from these water bodies. This may also result in their deaths. 

Oil spillage

Oil spillage is one of the most dangerous causes of water spillage. In some oil producing villages, town and cities, oil pipelines pass through the waters. Unfortunately, there are some oil drilling companies that make use low quality materials in constructing the channels through which the oil is moved to the refinery. Sometimes, there are cases of oil spillage in many places. Sometimes, it may result in deaths of marine life, human population and farmlands if there is irrigation channelled to the farm from the sea.

Pesticide from farms washed by erosion 

Erosion refers to the washing of the top soil of the earth by flood or running water. If farming site is eroded, the pesticide as well chemical fertilizers spread on the farm for the growth of the plants are moved into water bodies and some went down to the ground waters. In this way, the drinking water sources from the earth are polluted and the body of waters such as seas, oceans, rivers and lakes are also polluted.

The above are some of the causes of water pollutions.