There are a number of tools that can be used in measuring results obtained during vertical jump test. Each of these tools is unique and thus has its unique features, benefits and drawbacks. It will be good for you to know the features and advantages as well as the disadvantages of each option. This will enable you to know which one will serve your purpose at a particular time. Here are some of the vertical jump testing equipment that you should know.


Wall Mounted

Measuring vertical jump height against the wall is the most simple and original method for doing that. You may not spend any money with this method. If you don't have any money, you will only require a stick of chalk and your house wall. If you don't want to use chalk, then you have to purchase other wall mounted grid.



Vertec is another instrument that can be used in measuring vertical jump. Many college professional teams prefer using this apparatus to any other apparatus. Vertec is a frame made from steel. It has a horizontal vanes. Each of the vane is 1/2 cm higher than the other. However, you can adjust the height of the vane. To measure the height you are able to reach, just jump up and touch a vane with one of your hands. You can measure the height you reach from the base vane you are able to touch.


Vertec has its advantages as well as disadvantage. The major disadvantage of this apparatus is that it is not within the financial means of everybody because of its high cost. In the case of wall measurement technique, everybody may be able to afford it because only a stick of chalk is required. Besides, the success of his methods depends on the ability of the jumper to raise the hand and touch the vane as he jumps. If he is not able to do this, he will not be able to measure the height. The advantage of this method is that the jumper is not inhibited by anything such as the wall as he jumps up. Secondly, unlike most apparatus, the vertex can be used both for sindoor or outdoor environments.


Just Jump mat

This is another apparatus that can be used in measuring vertical jump height as well as the explosive leg power, foot quickness and times sprints. You can either allow your hand to move freely or put them around your hip. Stand on the mat and then jump up to the extent you can. The calculation of the height reached is based on the time your feet leave and return to the mat. Thus, you have to ensure that both feet leave and land on the mat at the same time otherwise the result will be affected. Another factor that can affect the result of the jump is the amount of bend of the leg when you are landing. This is one of the disadvantages of this option. Another disadvantage of this measuring apparatus is that the jumper is not motivated because there is no target to get at. If there is a mark on the wall, the jumper will always try to get at it. The advantage of this measuring apparatus is that it is flexible and thus you can travel with it. The tool can also be used indoors and outdoors.



The chronojump serves a number of purposes. It can be used for measuring vertical jump height and also for the management and statistics of jump time events (such as flight time and contact time) and other things. It is a free software and open hardware which is available for free and distributed under the GPL license. The software can be redistributed and modified.


Other vertical jump measuring apparatus are:

Wearable system

Laser operated optoelectronic device

Video systems