Wood is one of the popularly used materials in the construction and furniture industries. In the furniture industry, it can be used for the construction of various types of furniture such as different types of outdoor furniture as well as indoor furniture. There are different kinds of wooden materials used in the construction of furniture. Here are the various types of woods used in constructing furniture.

Types of woods

Basically, there are two types of natural woods that are used to construct furniture. They are softwood and hardwoods. Hardwoods referred to wooden materials obtained from dicotyledonous trees like mahogany, oak, teak, walnut and others. It is distinguished from softwood which is obtained from conifers like fir and cedar. Generally, hardwoods are stronger than softwoods. But this does not mean that articles of furniture made from softwood are not durable. Some softwoods are more durable than some hardwoods. So, the durability lies on the source of the wood and not on the type. For example, hardwood obtained from teak is highly durable likewise softwoods obtained from cedar.

Nowadays, there is another type of wood called engineered wood which is not obtained from a pure natural wood. Though such type of wood can be used to create quality furniture but they do not have the durability of furniture created with woods obtained from a natural source like cedar and teak. There are some advantages you derive from furniture made from strong wooden material. Here are some of the advantages of wooden furniture.

·         Awesome natural look

Wooden furniture radiates amazing natural look. This is because the wood material used in creating wood furniture has awesome lines and pattern. The finishing showcases the beauty. If you are looking for furniture with natural beauty, you should consider buying wooden furniture.

·         High durability

Wooden furniture especially furniture made from strong hardwood like teak and oak or durable softwood like cedar can last for a lifetime. So, it is a good investment of money to acquire furniture made from strong wood. You will not be replacing your furniture very soon. The good news is that if you don’t want to continue using the wood, you can resell it as used furniture at a good price. This is why owning articles of wooden furniture are referred to as investment of time and money.

Some wood like teak and cedar has natural resistance to decay, mold and water as well as other wood eating insects like termites. So, you will not have problem using them in your outdoor environment.

·         Easy to maintain

Wooden furniture requires little maintenance. You may not spend more on purchasing furniture cleaning supplies. You only require ordinary water and clean rag to get rid of dust and debris from the furniture.

·         Easy to store

Wooden furniture can withstand different kinds of harsh weather. If you are using them in your outdoor environment, you will not find it difficult to store them. You may only have to cover them with furniture covering when they are not in used.