Illiterate people often ask what the value of good education is. The answer can be given by only those who have gone through a rigorous procedure called education and found themselves in better position now. If we talk about us also, in our childhood many a times we feel like the education is useless and teachers are putting extra and unnecessary burden on us. But, this is not true and we understand this when we pass out with good marks or finally get the degree of our wish. The value of education is so much that it cannot be compared by any other thing in the world.


Unfortunately, such a priceless thing i.e. education is not free for all. The more amounts you pay, better education you can get. There is no doubt that the government is also funding and encouraging education for poor people without a single penny. But if we look at the quality of the teachers as well as education, we will try to escape from that place as soon as possible.


The education holds much value in our life. Let’s see what the value of good education is or what is their outcome?

1. Broadens thinking- Good education has the main outcome that it provides you a new perspective. It gives you a new eye of thinking other things with a rational and analytical approach. You can understand everything well and can find yourself in a better position than others. At this time, you can understand what the value of good education is.

2. Opportunity- If you are educated then only you can look for more and more opportunities. Without the education, it will not be possible. Some people are blessed and they even can make out big without ample amount of education. In such situation, there are some other factors like their passion, attitude, and other stuffs that determine their success. But on a general basis, education does hold a great importance in seeking opportunity for oneself.

3. Rationality – People with good and competitive education will be more rational than those having an average or low education. Rational thinking is very essential in deciding what is wrong and what is right for you and this can only be possible if you have a good and sound background of education.

4. Exposure- The main benefit of today’s education is the practical exposure the students are being provided by their institutes. Earlier this facility was not there. Education was restricted within four walls of classrooms but now as the world is advancing and so do the education. People are realizing the importance of exposure in business and corporate world and at the same value of good education. So, they induce such training program which could be beneficial for the students in understanding their future world.

5. Competitive- Well this is needless to say that by having good education, students become competitive internationally. Nowadays, people are focusing more on general knowledge and other current affairs that make them competitive and provide them an extra edge over others. Even the teachers and parents are focusing on gathering good knowledge about various topics so that they can educate their children.

6. Updating- Earth is a huge habitant and in today’s scenario, we are expected to know about each major event. But as you know, the world is divided into continents and further into countries. Each country has its own set of language and understanding. If we are not competitive and flexible enough then we cannot get the news of other parts of the world. We need to know as many languages as possible and this can be possible only through good education

7. Flexible- Students become flexible enough to get fit into any kind of work related to their field. An illiterate person can do what you will teach them. He will do the work all his life in the same fashion. But, an educated person will use his mind and analytical powers and will do the work smartly in less time and in better manner.

This is very obvious that good education does hold much importance in today’s scenario. Good education will fetch you a good job and easy access to available resources. You just need to concentrate on your subject and you can surpass it easily. Remember, only good education can answer the wordings “what is the value of good education”. So, if next time anyone would ask you about the value of good education then politely answer them that first go and get it then automatically you will have the answer. Happy education!!



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