Weed eater also known as weed whacker or string trimmer is a grass cutting machine that does not come with any blade. Instead, it makes use of strong nylon rope or string which is spun at high speed by the motor of the machine. As the string is spinning at a high speed, it is able to cut grasses that it comes across. It is not a replacement for lawn mower even though one can still utilize it in cutting the entire lawn. It is specifically meant for the cutting of edges, borders and narrower places which are too narrow for the lawn mower to get at. With it, you will be able to get those areas including your driveways well trimmed.


The tool is not one of the gardening tools that are complicated to be used. It is simple to be used for cutting. However, this does not mean that there is nothing to learn about its usage. If you think that you can use it to cut simply because you have used a lawn mower before, then you may be wrong because it does not come with any wheel instead, you hold it with your two hands. The manner in which you hold the tool matters a lot. If you hold it at right angle or straight, you will not give your garden a nice cutting. But if you want to achieve a nice look, experts advice that you hold it at slanting position maintaining an angle of 30 degrees. However, you have to ensure that the grasses are cut at the same level so that your lawn will look nice.


As it has been said above, string trimmer cuts with a nylon rope rather than a blade or any sharp metal objects. Usage affects the nylon rope. The more you cut with it, the weaker it becomes. At a time, you must replace it. Replacing it means that you have to restring the tool. Restringing your weed whacker is not something that you have to hire another person or something you will look for help. It is simply to be done. All you need to do is to go through the user manual of your weed whacker to know how it is done. Follow the instruction stipulated in the user manual and you will be able to restring it. It is as simple as removing the hub, cap and spool and wrapping the new replacement string around the spool, holding it in place and then putting back the spool, cap and hub.


However, before you restring your weed eater, you should know that the nylon rope is available in a number of sizes in the market. You are not free to choose any size you like. Each model or product has a particular size that suits it. Check the user manual, it will be indicated there. It is also indicated somewhere at the spool or at the body of the product. So, look very well and you will find where it is indicated. Buy the stipulated size if you want to do something meaningful with your weed whacker. If you restring with a wrong size, your machine will not be able to work or cut fine.


Another point you should always bear i mind when you are restring your weed whacker is that there are various types of whacker. The major difference existing among them is the source of their power. In this regard, there are gas powered, electric powered and battery powered. Another difference is the number of string the products come with. There are some that come with two strings and those that come with one string. The spool of those that come with two strings have two sections separated by a divider. Each section has string.


The above are some of the things you should know about weed whacker.

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