Alcoholic consumers right from the ancient times have been experiencing hangover. So, hangover is not a peculiar experience to the contemporary time’s consumers of alcoholic beverage. Over the centuries, there are different ways through which people of from different cultures relieve the signs and symptoms of hangover. There are no scientific evidences backing some of these home remedies for alcoholic hangover relief. But some people have tried some of these ways and they obtained positive result. You can also give them a trial if you are suffering from hangover. You may get positive result like them. Here are some home remedies and cultural means of curing hangover.

Egg is one of the foods used to relieve hangover even from the ancient times. Based on the authority of Pliny the Elder, the ancient Romans used raw eggs of  owl as well as fried canary in order to get relief from the symptoms of hangover. Similarly, raw egg yolk mixed with Worcestershire sauce, pepper, salt and Tabasco was favoured by the Prairie Oyster restorative which was established during the Paris World Exposition of 1878.

Coca-cola mixed with milk can also be taken as a home remedy for hangover. This remedy was invented by the Ritz Carlton Hotel in 1938. One of the popular alcoholic writers Ernest Hemingway favoured the use of tomato juice and beer as a cure to hangover. There are some people that use cocktails such as Black Velvet or Bloody Mary to relieve the symptoms of hangover. Wayne State University carried out a survey and popular opinion in the survey believed that symptoms of hangover can be relieved by fried foods, sexual activity and tomato juice.

In fact, there are as numerous unsupported hangover remedies as there are cultures in the world. Here are some of the other untested remedies for hangover.

Hair of the dog

Some people try to cure hangover by taking more alcohol. This people subscribe to the idea that symptoms of hangover can be relieved when more alcohol is taken after the beginning of the symptoms of hangover. This idea springs from the belief that withdrawal from alcoholic consumption is the cause of hangover. Thus, to avoid or reduce the symptoms of hangover, one should not take more alcoholic beverages rather than avoiding it. By taking more alcoholic beverage the need of the body for alcohol will be satisfied and thus no hangover will occur. However, it has been discovered through research that this method can result alcohol abuse.



This is active ingredients in kakkonto used as remedy for hangover. However, it has been discovered through study that excessive use of kudzu to reduce alcohol hangover increases the risk of acetaldehyde-related neoplasm and pathology.

Sauna  or steam bath

Sauna or steam bath has been used by some people as a remedy for alcohol hangover. However, research on this has shown that there is increased risk of cardiac arrhythmias when alcohol and phyperthermia are combined.


There is suggest from some people especially medical staff and military pilots who have easy access to breathing oxygen that oxygen can be used as remedy for hangover. This is based on the idea that the availability of more oxygen in the blood enhances metabolism in the body.