There are some unpopular types of domestic violence in some parts of the world. Some of these unpopular types of domestic violence have some religious and cultural undertone. Below are some of these types of domestic abuses.

Honor Killing

Honor killing occurs when a person kills a family member or a member of a social group with the intention of protecting the family’s or group’s honor. Sometimes, the homicide is approved by the entire family members or is in accordance with the culture of the perpetrator. Some cultures support the killing of a family member that brings dishonor to the family. The family honor in this case is taken as a higher value than the life of the person that brings dishonor to it.

Honor killing occur in many places across the globe even in some cultures where human life is held sacred. However, it is common in the Middle East. Women are mostly victims of honor killings. There are various reasons why an entire family or a member of the family (usually a man) will target another member of the family. Some of these reasons are:

  • adultery and fornication
  • refusing to marry a person the family chooses for her
  • wanting to marry a person that the family does not want
  • being a victim of rape

Some of these behaviors are abominable in the thinking of the family. The victim brings dishonor to the family and there is a need to save the family from this dishonor. The best way to save the family from the disgrace is to kill the person.

Acid attack

Acid attack also known as vitriolage or acid throwing is a type of domestic abuse in which the perpetrator injures or disfigures a family member by throwing acid at the person. This awful action is done as a means of revenge or out of jealousy. The victim’s face is sometimes burnt and their skin badly damaged. It can cause their death or leave a huge scar on their face. Acid attack may also cause blindness.

There are a number of issues that can result in acid attacks. Domestic disputes or dowry murder are some of the issues that can lead to acid attack in many places like Bangladesh and Pakistan. It can also occur in any other places across the world such as the UK, Europe, Colombia and others.


Bride burning and dowry death  

In some countries like India, some men who are dissatisfied with the dowry his in-laws are requesting react by setting their brides on fire. When disputes over dowry result in the death of bride or causes a woman to commit suicide, it is called dowry death.

Virgin cleansing myth

This type of violence is common in countries of the Arab world where sex before marriage is considered as a taboo. If a woman is married and does not bleed after having sex with her husband for the first time, it is taken that woman has had sex before marriage. This can lead to honor killing.