Types of Recreation For Professionals

Hours spent on the work just stale your mind and body that necessitates the need to rejuvenate your senses through various recreational activities. Types of recreation for professionals depend upon the kind of personality you are and the kick you get by indulging in different kind of activities. The choices are numerous but the decision entirely depends upon the time you have and willingness to put an effort. My last article Importance of Recreation for on the Go Professionals highlighted on the need and why these activities are must for you. The intent of recreation is clear – to refresh and energize you to take up the challenges in life.

The basic problem we always have is what to do even if we have a quality time to spend on things we love. This article lists down various recreational activities depending upon their type. All  you need is to determine what suits you best within the available time and then you are ready to roar. The division has also been done keeping in view the personality types so that it becomes easy to pick and choose the one you like the best. Even though the idea of rejuvenation varies from person to person, my effort here is to identify things that have the potential to take your mind off the routine activities and pump up your senses.

The recreational activities have been divided into 5 types in order to reflect their true meaning. Examples of each type are given along with associated link that would help you to drill further in a particular type of activity. The best approach is to shift from one form to another as and when you get the time.

1) Pump Up Your Blood-These are the type of recreation activities that pumps up the real blood in your veins. It involves enormous physical effort and has the ability to get the best from you. Such recreation also involves enormous precaution toobut they do offer the experience of the life time. The common examples include activities like Scuba Diving, Sailing, Skateboarding, Skydiving, Surfing, Parasailing, Motor Sport, etc.  Call them extreme sports but they are an experience in itself.

2) Escape the Rut– You got few days and is looking for a simple and quick break. At times the best way to rejuvenate is to change the environment and get absorbed in completely new surroundings. There is nothing like escaping the rut that gets developed in routine life and replacing it with something that has ability to refresh your senses. The common examples include the weekend breaks, travel, going to movies, Fishing, Amusement Parks and Holidaying. The idea here is to go to an entirely different place and enjoy its beauty and variety. It is always better to extend it further and include things like visiting wonders of the world, far flung areas, the best of amusement parks, the safaris etc.

3) The Creative Ways- Each individual has a certain amount of creativity embedded deep inside their soul. The very release of the creative juices in itself has the ability to refresh a person. In everyday life we seem to lose the vary touch of our instincts. The good thing about such recreational activities is that they can be done in the same environment by investing little amount of time. All you need is some time out from your schedule and you have the power to experience them at will. The examples of the creative ways include recreational activities like Drawing, Reading, Writing, Dancing, Singing, Yoga, Exercises, Painting to even playing Video Games or Cards.

4) Pamper Yourself-So if you feeling lazy for the day but still are in a deep mood to do something new and exciting then there is nothing like pampering yourself. I still club it under types of recreation because it has the ability to mix your mind in things that you value most. Yes there are things in our everyday life which we enjoy dearly but seldom do because of lack of time. Example of these types of recreational activities includes Shopping, Spa, Eating, Drinking, Partying, Humor, Sex and Splurging.

5) Splendid Outdoors– They differs from Pump up the blood in terms of their intensity. The idea here is to indulge in recreational activities like sports that basically make you sweat and release energy. These are definitely not big budget activities but something which you can have even outside your home. The example includes the normal outdoor activities which we love from childhood like Swimming, Soccer, Football Manager, Baseball, Rugby, Cycling and to the likes of Hiking. The good thing is that it is played in a group that helps you to get closer to friends. Additionally it helps you to stay with people that in no way remind you of the things you have always wanted to escape from.

The variety of such activities is too large and the more you dug deep into it the more you would be amazed by its form.The more you churn your brain, the more capable it becomes to do the impossible.

Different types of recreational activities gives you more of a choice to select and enjoy things that suits your taste.  It would help also help you to answer the basic question “What to do to get rid of monotonous life”? Even if you don’t enjoy the list above, it is always helpful to asses your mood and do things that you feel more inclined about.


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  1. A very nice and comprehensive list, I quite like the football games of course, but I alos like Chess (which my wife hates) and Yoga (which my wife loves).

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