If you are out there to shop for protein powder or if you want to order for it via the internet, you may be surprised to discover that there are various types of protein powders in the market. Most people know only of whey protein powder but it is just one out of the many types of protein powder available today. Below are some of the common types of protein powders that you should know before you make your order. This is because each of them has its unique advantage to offer.


Whey protein powder

This is a type of protein powder obtained as a by product when milk is processed to produce cheese. It is a very common type of protein powder available in the market today. It is referred to as a nutritionally complete protein powder because it contains all the nine essential amino acids required for the optimal function of the body. One of the major characteristics of this type of protein is that it digests quickly. Thus, it is quickly absorbed in the body. However, it may not be used as meal replacement. It can be taken after workout to facilitate the repair of body tissue. It is recommendable for people that will like to lose weight.


Casein Protein powder

Casein is a type of protein powder that is very slow to digest. It is therefore suitable to be taken as meal replacement. It will make you to feel full for a longer time given that it does not digest very quickly. It is a rich source of protein to engenders muscle growth and enhances the immune system of the body. Having strong immune system means having strong ability to fight diseases. It is a rich source of milk peptides. This explains why it is a veritable option for people that will want to build their muscle. If you take it before going to bed, it will work better aiding the building and repair of muscle.


Egg protein powder

This type of protein is obtained from egg white. The egg yolk is separated from the egg white and then the egg white is dried. What is obtained when the egg white is dried is egg protein. One good aspect of this type of protein powder is that it contains a complete chain of amino acids and thus it is also nutritionally complete like whey protein. It digests quickly but not as quickly as whey protein. One good thing about this type of protein is that it can be used to prepare a lot of dishes especially breakfast. But the problem with it is that it can cause such stomach problem like cramps and bloating.


Vegan or plant based protein powder

This is also known as vegetable protein powder. It is a type of protein powder obtained from plant based sources such as soy, peas, rice and others. They are good options for vegans. It is available in a number of options as there are various types of plant based sources of protein. Some may cause allergy.