Contrary to the thinking of many people, domestic violence does not only occur when a man inflict physical injury or bullies his spouse. It takes different forms. Even a woman can be guilty of domestic violence. It can also occur in different types of relationship. People of different age and sex can be victims of domestic violence. Based on the above, it is evidently clear that domestic violence is of different types. Most countries of the world, stipulates abuses that can be treated as domestic violence and also state how each abuse will be punished by law. Here are popular types of domestic violence.

Common couple violence

This is a type of domestic violence in which one of both persons in relation physically assaults the other or each other. This type of abuse does not arise from the urge to gain control over the other.

Intimate terrorism

Intimate terrorism normally abbreviated as IT is not a common type of domestic violence. It is a type of emotional and psychological abuse. It has two types, namely, dysphoric borderline and generally-violent-antisocial abuse.

Violent resistance

VR as it is abbreviated refers to violence done on an abuser in self defense. It is form of self defense that resulted in violence.

Mutual violent control

As implicit from the name, this type of domestic violence occurs when both partners abuse each other or react violently to each other.

Physical abuse

Men are mostly guilty of this type of abuse. It is a form of domestic violence in which the abuser physically causes pain or injury to the partner in order to gain control over him or her or to intimidate the other. Physical abuse can occur in different forms. Many ways in which a person can be physically abuse are slapping, choking, punching, burning, pushing or any order types of contact that can give rise to physical injury or pain.

Denial of basic necessity of life is a form of physical abuse. For example, denying somebody access to medical care or food is a form of physical abuse. Physical abuse also occurs when a person is denied by his or her partner any functions such as sleep necessary to live. It can also occur when a person is forced to consume alcohol or take hard drugs against their will or to any other thing that he or she does not want to do. Such denial or force can cause the person serious pain.

Injury or harm inflicted on a partner’s property or even children or pets in order to cause emotional pain to the person is a form of physical violence.

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse is the use of force in obtaining sex or simply forcing the other to indulge in sexual activities against the person’s will. A victim can be a spouse or intimate partner. Sexual abuse as a form of domestic violence can occur in any type of relationship including gay or lesbian relationship or heterosexual relationship.

Other forms of domestic violence are:

  • Verbal abuse
  • Economic abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Marital rape