Few days from now, the Christmas day which is the long awaited day will be here with us. Some has already started on time to mark the twelve days traditional countdown of Christmas. If you did not start on time, you will find these ideas helpful. Good a thing, Christmas is feast that is celebrated once every year and so you can still make great use of the tips given below on yearly basis during every christmas celebration. Here are some tips to make it great and memorable for your partner.


First day of Christmas

You should purchase a box of cereal which your spouse likes very much and then lace it with impressive prizes. Include in the package a lot of edibles that children normally like in order to bring out the child in them.


Second day

If you have engraved toasting glasses, this is the day to bring them out from your China cabinet and then use it to sip some wine with your partner to recall the first day you ever use it to sip.


Third day

Take the three meals together with your partner. To make it more interesting and romantic, the breakfast can be in bed, you can dine out during launch and then have candlelit dinner.


Fourth day

Drive around the city with your spouse. It is a perfect day for sight seeing around the town and the city.


Fifth day

Show how you are missing your spouse on this day. Just send a scanned copy of your hand to your love when she or he is at work with a message that you can't wait to hold the real thing.


sixth day

This another day to buy her some gift but rather than buying any other items, you can buy her favorite flowers and present to her. If you are good in making live flower collection, you can collect nice ones for her.


Seventh day

This is a day to be together with your creator in thanksgiving for keeping you from January till December.


Eight day

This is be a perfect day for practicing some artwork. Just buy some painting materials or crayon and try it with your spouse. You can also prepare a collection of your photos.


Ninth day

A day like that is a perfect day to recall sweet memories of your past lives. You can look at your childhood photos, engagement photos, schooldays photos and the likes.


Tenth day

There is nothing so romantic than taking time to massage each others' shoulders for ten minutes.


Eleventh day

Try out some workout regime together. You should make it fun and romantic. It may be just walking together across the street or run around in your neighborhood. You can also turn it into play around the house.


Twelfth day

This is a great day for dining and wining together. The table should be rich with assorted dishes and drinks.


The above are romantic ways to spend the twelve days traditional count down of Christmas.