True Meaning Of Peace

Peace is not just a word; it is a short form of a happy mind and body. Peace is not in the environment; it is within. If you possess the quality of peace in yourself then you can see the whole world in peace. We find many definitions of peace but no one knows the true meaning of peace. In this article, we will try to give an overview of peace and will try to find the real meaning of it with reference to our inner consciousness and abilities.


So, lets look at some points that would help us to find the true meaning of peace.


Understanding that you are responsible for your acts- When you understand that whatever happens to you is only because of your fate and because of your deeds then it becomes very easy to accept the success and failure of your life. The sense of responsibility comes in as soon as you accept your own existence. Peace lies there only. When we accuse others for any wrong happening then disturbance occurs in our mind and when a realization of our self is there then all these issues get vanished and we start improving ourselves rather than blaming others.


Do not blame others- To find the true meaning of peace, one needs to stop blaming others for anything. Even if someone has done something wrong deliberately then also you should not blame him for such actions because blaming leads to no conclusion and it only adds up to disturbance. We keep on thinking that why did he do that to me? What was his benefit? And questions like this keep running in our mind. And when we stop blaming them, we realize that it is not they who created disturbance in mind but it is us who create all the fuzz.


If there is a problem then there will always be a solution- People often get disturbed when they get surrounded by few problems. They find themselves in tough situations and lose thinking capacity of choosing a right alternative and fixing up of priorities to themselves. One should understand a very simple concept that if there is a problem then there will always be a solution for it. In spite of getting confused, one needs to search more alternatives for himself and should try to find out the probable solutions for oneself.


Finding the true meaning of life- If someone wants to know the true meaning of peace then he has to know true meaning of life also. By knowing this, they get stable and that mental stability will fetch them to understand true meaning of peace.


Spread happiness- People often say that peace lies in happiness and it is true. When you make someone happy then you find that he forgets all his sorrows and worries and do not bother about any difficulty. People often ask what the true meaning of peace is. There will not be any end of problems but there are very few moments of happiness so, one should enjoy them.


Inner satisfaction- Inner satisfaction leads to peace. When you are satisfied from your inner soul then nothing in this outer world can disturb you. You start feeling that there is some power from within which is forcing you to be happy and that is willing. You release the entire burden from your head and want to live a simple and peaceful life rather than getting confused from other things which are not that worthy enough


Helping others- By helping others, one can have satisfactory feelings. Some people like to help others for no reason and in return of nothing. Only these types of people can be happy and peaceful in their lives. The people who keep themselves busy in generating money and other materialistic things can never understand the true meaning of peace.

These are some indications of peace. If you possess any or some of them then you may consider yourself as a peaceful person. After knowing the real essence of life, one can find the true meaning of peace. You can’t find the true meaning of peace anywhere else in the world. It is always there with you inside. The only need is to recognize and follow the same path that leads happiness and peace.



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