When you are traveling abroad or embarking on a long distant journey, there are certain traveling essentials that you should not forget to include in your luggage. You will have problem on the way, if you fail to include these travelling essentials. Here are some of the essentials things that you should not forget to include in your luggage.

Travelling documents

Your travelling documents including your passport are very essential because you will not travel without these documents. You should make sure that you include them first in your luggage so that you will not forget them. Forgetting them implies that you will miss your flight. This is because you will be asked to go and bring them. In order not to forget them, put all of them in a file and then first put it in one compartment in your briefcase or any other bag that you carry by yourself.

Clothes and footwear

The number of clothes and footwear to include in your luggage depends on the number of days that you will spend in the foreign country. If you are going to stay for a few days, there is no need to go with many clothes and footwear. You will only add to your load and pay more money for them. Just go with few clothes. But if you are going to stay for months, then you have to go with as many clothes as possible unless it will be less stressful and cheaper for you to buy more clothes in the country you are traveling to.


There are some necessary electronics that you should not forget. Your cell phones, laptop, cameras and their chargers are highly essentials and so, you should always make sure that you include them in your luggage before travelling. You should also try to include a small and portable radio for listening to news. Find out the type of plug that is being used in the country you are going to. If you cannot use your electronics on it, you should consider buying a converter. You should also go with extra batteries for these electronics in case there is poor power supply in the country.

Address book

There is no doubt that many people will forget to include their address book or even think that it is not necessary. It is important that you include or you write down some important numbers that you may have a need to contact. One of such numbers is your embassy number, numbers of relative, employer’s contact number and the likes.



Shower products and toiletries

You have to include your toiletries and shower products especially if you are not sure whether you will be able to buy the particular products you use in the country you are travelling to. Some people have sensitive skins and their skins will be affected once they use products that they are not used to.

Portable knife and pistol

If you have a Swiss knife or pistol, you may consider travelling with it. You may have a need for it. You should find out what the law says about such weapons in the country you are travelling to.

These are some of the travelling essentials that you should not forget.