In our life times and activities, we are bound to meet one another or good to say at one point or the other that people of the opposite sex must meet. The life of singles may be boring and lonely. Everyone will agree that two heads are better than one. For every woman who wants to hit her target and fulfill her dream, such person must be good in the art of seduction. You are on your way to becoming a seduction guru as you read along.

The art of seduction – golden tips

1. Be very confident. Be proud of yourself as a beautiful person and make use of your special features as all women have distinct characteristics that make them unique. Understand that you are not inferior to anyone, not even to other women. The feeling of inferiority complex makes you become inferior before other women and men inclusive. Therefore, you lose your confidence. Capitalize on your special and unique qualities and express them while you identify your flaws and be matured to translate them to useful qualities.


2. Dress for the occasion. Your dressing is very essential. But do know that you will be addressed the way you dress. If you dress up like somebody who wants a night stand, you will be approached in that manner. You do not need to be too gorgeous, but just simple to get the attention of the man in question. In this case, you will be confident and comfortable.


3. Be original and rare. Things are speedily changing in this generation. Men are not interested in women that are ordinary. Men do not desire those women who do business as usual. They are interested in those women who present themselves as being rare and invaluable. Scarcity could let people notice you in a group and by so doing, those who did not notice before will do so and join the race.


4. Do not be another person, but be yourself. While you are trying to seduce a man, you are encouraged to be real and authentic as much as possible. Imitating someone else may do you a lot of harm. Your partner may fall for your kind of person when he notices and observes your real person. You may be a shy person or clumsy person, just be sure to represent the best you can be.


5. Body language is essential. Many a time, the body speaks louder than the voice. The language of the body cannot be over emphasized. Your standing position, walking and even sitting must be noted and perfectly done. Put some attractive smiles in between your responses and speeches while you look at your partner directly eye ball to eye ball. Do not be boring. Do not frown your face and do not allow any ugly incident to spoil your day.  See it as a golden opportunity make your dream come to reality. An opportunity lost may never be recovered at all.