If you have a date with your guy and you later discover that the guy in question is the shy type, do not be discouraged. All men or guys so to say are not equal. There is this saying that no one is 100 percent perfect. While the defect of some is shyness, it can still be managed and you will get the best out of it. How then do you play your game with a timid guy? Let us cruise together.

The how to

1. At first, present yourself as a friend to him. So many of these timid guys are very confident and of course loud when with their male friend, but cannot help being shy when with their girl friends. When you spend time together as friends, you will earn his openness, confidence, trust and guard. Before you know it, he becomes more open to you than his male counterpart.


2. Converse with him often and often. Ensure that you engage him in continuous discussion because he may remain silence all through the day with you. Chat about your day, your favourite dishes, places, talk about your pets as well as your family and other friends. You can do most of the talking while you allow him to respond to any questions you ask him. Doing this, will let him loose into talking spree and so, he becomes free to chat with you.


3. Be sensitive to his body language. As you make friends with him and engage him in talks, also read and be sensitive to his body language. Action they say, speaks louder than voice. You will get to know when he his feeling like talking, bored, depressed, feeling romantic, loved etc. His body language is also a way of responding to all your activities with him. So read it because it is a powerful weapon.


4. Get to know him deeper. Commit his very important details into your own memory. Such details like his family members names, his pet’s name, favourite foods, places, memorable events and special dates and his past love stories. With this, he feels known. You are almost 60 percent, gaining your ground with him.


5. Expose your secrets or details to him. When you tell him about your secrets, it puts you in a better position. It shows that you can be trusted and that he can trust and confide in you. By the virtue of the exchange of secrets between you, both of you becomes several inches closer and you by this rid him of his shyness.  Then you have a confident guy in front of you. And that is the person you have created.


6. Never let out his secrets. When you get him to tell you his secrets and he did so, ensure that you do not let those secrets out to the third party. Try to streamline what you may want to discuss about him with your friends. If he finds out that you reveal his secrets, you will never get his trust and confidence again.